Get inspired by Michelin-starred chefs

Michelin-starred chef´s courses to take your cooking to the next level. Master new techniques and take a leap of creativity in your kitchen.

Cooking like a Michelin Star chef is within your reach

These world-renowned chefs are recognized for their creativity, technique, and ability to transform simple ingredients into spectacular gourmet dishes.

Discover with them the importance of creativity and passion in the kitchen, and how this can transform a simple meal into an exceptional gastronomic experience.

What you´ll learn

  • Make sushi and sashimi like Hideki Matsuhisa
  • Master haute cuisine recipes in Finger Food format in the style of Ramón Freixa
  • Make magic with vegetables like Rodrigo de la Calle
  • Create a tasting menu together with Paolo Casagrande
  • Cook fish and shellfish with the technique of Paco Pérez
  • Include seaweed in your kitchen as Pepe Solla does
  • And much more, by chefs of the stature of Romain Formell, Paco Roncero, Begoña Rodrigo, Nandu Jubany, Fina Puigdevall, Andreu Genestra, Aurelio Morales, Micha Schäfer, Kyle Connaughton, Viviana Varese, Fran Agudo, Yolanda León and Juanjo perez

Advanced-level Courses

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