Cooking with Truffle

Get to know the truffle from its origin so that you can add it to your dishes with the utmost respect for this noble product.

Nandu Jubany

Owner and Chef at Can Jubany 1 Michelin Star (Barcelona, Spain)

How to cook truffles. Find out with Nandu Jubany

The truffle is nature’s great treasure, a mysterious product associated with haute cuisine and fine dining.

Nandu Jubany reveals everything you need to know about cooking with truffles in this online cooking course. He shares his knowledge and techniques to prepare his out-the-box recipes with truffles. A “great treasure of nature”, now more than ever, within everyone’s reach.


Course curriculum

Course Content

Chapter 1 - Presentation and Recipe Book
Chapter 2 - Introduction
Chapter 3 - Truffle hunting in the woods
Chapter 4 - Truffle know-how: storage, cleaning etc.
Chapter 5 - Truffle Bruschetta
Chapter 6 - Cannelloni with Truffle Cream
Chapter 7 - Fried egg with pork belly, soufflé potatoes and truffle
Chapter 8 - Truffle en Papillote
Chapter 9 - Let’s Go Truffle Hunting (dessert)

What you'll learn

Amazing haute cuisine recipes with truffles

In this online cooking course, you will learn at the hands of Nandu Jubany everything you need to know to get started and discover the secrets of the truffle: areas of origin, sourcing truffles, wild truffles, cultivated truffles, and the delicious recipes of Nandu Jubany. You will learn about the number of possibilities when cooking with truffles, from simple recipes to more complex and original preparations.

Who is it for?
This online course on how to cook truffles is aimed at foodies, professionals and truffle lovers who want to discover all the secrets and possibilities this product offers and anyone wishing to learn, together with Nandu Jubany, about the infinite possibilities of this product.

Necessary Materials

  • Mandolin to slice truffles
  • Thermometer
  • Siphon
  • Microplane
  • Piping bag
  • Silicone mould
  • Cartafata paper
  • Sous vide bags
  • Vacuum sealer (optional)
Storing of truffles
Mufadul Sikandar

Good information on how to store truffles.....

Great job
Nikolas Tsafos

Great job

Maria Angelica dos Santos Magalhães


His style is a surprising mix of tradition and modernity. His dishes result from a careful choice of the best products and inventiveness.

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Nikolas Tsafos
Posted 6 days ago
Great job

Great job

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Mufadul Sikandar
Posted 8 months ago
Storing of truffles

Good information on how to store truffles.....

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Maria Angelica dos Santos Magalhães
Posted 1 year ago


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Ahmed Allam
Posted 1 year ago

the videos didn't play

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