Improve your pastry techniques

Colorful and delicious sweet creations to dazzle on any occasion. Learn first-hand from the best experts and master pastry chefs.

Give your sweets the touch of perfection that will make them irresistible


This collection of courses will challenge your parameters of what is a perfect sweet treat.

Dare more and fully immerse yourself in these lessons to master the most advanced and innovative techniques in the world of pastry.

The best pastry chefs will guide and inspire you to bring out the best in you.

What you´ll learn

  • Create small sweet gastronomic jewels
  • Present cakes with an impeccable assembly
  • Achieve a perfect tempering of the chocolate
  • Incorporate an innovative assortment of Petits Fours
  • Conceptualize your own mini sweet bites
  • Make chocolate bonbons that will melt in the mouths of your diners
  • Become an expert of the pectinase enzyme
  • And much more!

Advanced Level Courses

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