Petits Gâteaux

Get acquainted with the technique to create delicious petits gâteaux or individual cakes instructed by Antonio Bachour, master chef.

Antonio Bachour

Pastry Chef and Owner of Bachour Miami. World's Best Pastry Chef, 2018 and 2022

Antonio Bachour

Pastry Chef and Owner of Bachour Miami. World's Best Pastry Chef, 2018 and 2022

Petits Gateaux

In this online course you will learn to prepare spectacular petits gâteaux, led by the Miami based pastry chef, Antonio Bachour. We have selected petits gâteaux that combine different techniques to achieve haute cuisine pastry in a small size format.

Petits gâteaux are individual cakes of approximately 90 grams, for just one person, and are perfect for display in the showcase of a bakery or restaurant,  or even to enjoy at home.

Antonio has selected 5 star petits gâteaux that combine a wide variety of techniques:

  •  applications with chocolate
  • different types of fillings
  • glazes
  • different formats where the core product is the chocolate itself
  • rock type textures
  • ganaches
  • surprising decors

Numerous techniques that you will be able to apply to  your own creations, or to replicate these marvelous cakes.

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Course Syllabus

Course Content

Chapter 1 - Presentation and Recipe Book
Chapter 2 - Petits Gâteaux
Chapter 3 - Pecan Paris Brest
Chapter 4 - Concord Cake
Chapter 5 - Exotic Tacos
Chapter 6 - Pistacho Cherry
Chapter 7 - Trifle
Before you go

Techniques and artistry to prepare haute pastry petits gâteaux

What you'll learn

In this online course, you will learn how to prepare, assemble and decorate a series of small gastronomic pieces of art from the sweet world, known as Petits Gâteaux. These small cakes are full of haute cuisine pastry techniques, and are super tasty and with fancy and spectacular finishing that makes them ideal for display in a showcase, on your restaurant menu, or to surprise your guests at home.

In this course, you will learn and see the passion, and artistry with which master chef Antonio Bachour works, so that you can get acquainted with his techniques and apply them to your own creations.

Who is it for?

Pastry professionals or advanced pastry amateurs who wish to continue learning new techniques. Also for all those who would like to discover, along with Antonio Bachour, his way of understanding pastry. His passion, the combination of textures and flavors, his conceptualization of cakes, and different ideas that you can apply to your own creations.

Recommended equipment 

Instruments or materials suggested in some of the recipes (not essential for the course):

  • Kitchen Robot
  • Molds
  • Spatula
  • Pastry bag
  • Knife
  • Greaseproof paper
  • Oven
  • Turmix
  • Grater (decoration)

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See what our Members are saying

Wow, this is truelly amaizing

Great deserts taught by the best pastry chef. I can watch and learn all day long, it is so interesting.


Woow Factor

Desde que comencé en este mundo de la Pasteleria siempre quise ver una Máster Class de Bachour. Excelente.

Angeleduardo Machado

what's not to like.

Great Diverse recipes. Despite the course being subtitled , the format and instruction are easy to follow and delivered at a suitable pace. The lesson divided into individual blocks/ Steps enable to follow each process carefully and easily. the Support recipes and instruction and also a useful tools to make motes along the way .

Patrice Garrigues

very well explained

Antonio is my mentor since 2017, I was super excited for the beautiful course where I've learn and enjoyed a lot! In January I visited the store in Miami and tried many of his creation, an unforgettable experience that I will bring for the rest of my life! Hope one day to have the opportunity to work with him!

Federico Erroi

Very useful course. Many techniques and combinations.

Very useful course, several techniques are explained in a very detailed way. You learn whipped ganaches, jams, compotes, cakes, crunchies, and the combination of all these to create surprising little cakes. Of course, it’s a bit complicated to apply in a typical restaurant where you work in a hurry. However, the techniques will serve any pastry chef.

Jaume Pomares Tarín

Very interesting

Lots of great recipes and techniques, easy to follow and understand. A lot of additional information about storing.

Jenny T

Meet your Instructor

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Pastry Chef and Owner of Bachour Miami. World's Best Pastry Chef, 2018 and 2022

Antonio Bachour, a hypercreative pastry chef renowned as the world's best, is celebrated for his unwavering dedication, pursuit of perfection, and pioneering approach, establishing him as one of the most renowned figures in the realm of pastry arts.

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Smilyana Simeonova
Posted 1 month ago
Great course

Such informative and inovative course. Glad to be able to see even the smallest of work of this great chef.

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Ευάγγελος Μπουροδήμος
Posted 1 month ago


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Posted 2 months ago
5 Stars

Chef Antonio Bachour explained every step so well. I learned so much also from his tips.

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Chloe Gonzalez
Posted 2 months ago
So interesting

This class was so interesting. Such a range of topics and techniques all in one

Preview Image
El ahmar mohamed
Posted 2 months ago
Rôle of sucre inverti

I See this couse maléfique and more formation

Preview Image
Jamie Larson
Posted 2 months ago
fresh ingredients and intricate techniques ,you're sure have a delicious masterpiece.

combining great flavors and taking time to craft world class pastries from scratch with the fresh ingredients is a recipe of success, fantastic place to learn culinary skills.

Preview Image
Taif Ghalayini
Posted 2 months ago
Modern dessert techniques and flavours

I learned various techniques, new termenologies and quite useful and key information. Very light, straight to the point course. Enjoyed every minute of it!

Preview Image
Jesus Hernandez
Posted 3 months ago
Factor wao


Preview Image
Panagiota Veloudi
Posted 3 months ago


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Dionysis Dragkiotis
Posted 3 months ago


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