Who is Rafael Delgado?

Rafa Delgado Salvador was born in Terrassa (Barcelona) in 1987. He studied at the Joviat School of Hospitality (Manresa) training in both the kitchen and the dining room. He later studied pastry at the Espai Sucre School, run by Jordi Butron and Xano Saguer. His varied journey involved restaurants, workshops, and stages in 3 Michelin star restaurants, where he acquired a breadth of knowledge.
His journey started near his home in Terrassa, at the Novadis Restaurant, the Neules.com workshop, and Marconi Pastry Shop. Gradually he completed stages in Bodegón Alejandro (Sant Sebastián) and Mugaritz. His aspirations grew and he acquired experience in other restaurants such as Ristol, and Via Veneto (Barcelona), where he worked hand in hand with Carles Tejedor, acquiring knowledge of classic and traditional pastry with the utmost excellence.
He participated in The Best Restaurant Dessert contest and became the winner. His sweet side further developed as he directed the sweet secion of that restaurant and undertook a stage at El Bulli (Roses).
He progressed to become pastry chef at Alkimia Restaurant (Barcelona, 1 Michelin star).
His desire to discover more about various areas of hospitality prompted him to make a radical change working as head of desserts for Nandu Jubany Group. This enabled him to adapt to the changing and varied needs of restaurants, (plated desserts, dessert carts, banquet desserts, etc.)
Rafa Delgado continued to search for new challenges, and in this case the challenge of opening a new restaurant under the management of Javier and Sergio Torres, Cocina Hermanos Torres (Barcelona, 2 Michelin stars and 3 Repsol Suns). He served as Head of Pastry until September 2021, working in an eclectic way, involving elements from across the pastry world, including plated desserts, chocolates, ice cream, and bakery.
With the purpose of being a continuously evolving professional, both growing and disseminating his knowledge, Rafa is a Cacao Barry Ambassador, and is part of the 21 Brix Collective.
Rafa Delgado's pastry is defined as fresh, eclectic and prepared at the point of service for each client. Many define it as pastry that is balanced, flavorful and "vintage".

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