1 % for the Planet

We donate 1% of our sales to Organizations that aim to mitigate the environmental impact of the food system.

Our Focus

Our essence lies in food. Choosing it, cooking it, and eating it. We want to ensure that the foods that make us so happy do not have a negative impact on our planet. That’s why we focus our efforts on these two pillars:

  • Regenerative Agriculture:Agriculture, along with deforestation and land use, is responsible for 18.4% of global carbon dioxide emissions. Regenerative agriculture avoids the use of chemicals and pesticides to care for soil health, as it plays a crucial role in capturing the CO2 produced by global warming.
  • Food Waste:More than 17% of all food produced globally ends up in the trash, contributing to 8-10% of global greenhouse gas emissions. We need to reduce food production, improve storage and transportation, raise awareness among consumers when shopping and cooking, and recycle or compost food waste.


If you have a project in the food chain sector and you believe Scoolinary can help you gain greater visibility through our podcast and social media channels, please contact us by email: support@scoolinary.com 

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