Learn to make bread at home

Your breads can be exquisite if you put your mind to it. Discover simple recipes, easy to make, without additives and without preservatives.

Have fun making delicious and very creative breads


Are you looking for the authentic taste of freshly baked homemade breads?

Do not miss this selection of courses and start a one-way journey, where you will discover all the benefits of homemade bread, from being able to choose quality ingredients, avoiding preservatives and additives to being able to personalize your breads by letting your imagination run wild.

What you´ll learn

  • Dare to experiment with sourdoughs
  • Incorporate gluten-free sourdough
  • Discover different ways to ferment
  • Master the secrets of salty and sweet Focaccias
  • Melt before the extreme chocolate bread
  • Use very nutritious alternative cereals
  • Introduce different types of cheese, nuts and herbs
  • And so much more!

Courses for All Levels

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