Who is Luigi Di Domenico?

Italian master pizza chef and gastronomic consultant

Luigi Di Domenico is a young Italian pizza chef and gastronomic consultant; he began his training near Naples. After a season in Greece, he moved to Spain and in Barcelona he began to gain experience.

Throughout his career he has worked alongside renowned chefs, bakers and pastry chefs. This has provided him with a different vision as a specialist in making pizzas.

His charisma and desire to search for new flavours and combinations are noticeable. For Luigi it is very important to know the history and the basics in order to introduce new ideas later.

Today he has a community of more than 55 thousand followers and he is regarded as an expert when it comes to Neapolitan pizzas and Italian bakery goods. He has been mentioned in renowned online portals such as El País and BCNFoodieGuide. He also participated as a guest on the Recetas Carnívoras channel with Bdevikingo.

Currently, he is dedicated to sharing his experience and the secrets of preparing delicious and authentic Italian pizza through his social networks, he also collaborates with different chefs and establishments specializing in pizzas and bakery products.

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