Get started in basic pastry

Cooking courses to learn pastry at home, step by step. With recipes as delicious as cheesecakes, jams, cakes and much more, so you can become an expert.

Master the basics of pastry to prepare outstanding desserts

You can’t imagine what you can achieve by spending little time learning basic pastry techniques.

If you want to enjoy homemade desserts that are worth talking about, don’t miss out on this collection of courses designed to accompany you when you start in this wonderful world of pastry.

What you´ll learn

  • Master the essentials of doughs and creams
  • Discover different types of syrups and meringues
  • Prepare the most tempting recipes of American pastry
  • Make unique and irresistible cakes
  • Create a homemade croissant dough
  • Dazzle everyone with a Red Velvet
  • Cook jams and jellies with different touches
  • And so much more!

Beginner-level Courses

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