Pastry Basics: Creams

The essential creams for starting out in the world of pastry: custards, whipped creams, ganaches and giandujas.

Explore the world's most used creams in patisserie

In this online course, Joanna Artieda will teach you the main baking techniques that must be mastered by anyone who wants to dedicate themselves to the world of patisserie. She will start with the main ingredients and utensils that are necessary to master. Then she will explain a working methodology that will ensure you get good results and can continue to evolve.

You will learn the basic techniques of the world of creams.

You will acquire extensive and detailed knowledge  of all types  of cream preparations  and pastry fillings, their uses in desserts and how to preserve them.

Learn the classification of creams and custards and the preparation techniques to execute them perfectly for any dessert.

Joanna will explain all the tricks and techniques very clearly so that the results are always perfect.

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Course Syllabus

The essentials of patisserie regarding the world of custards and creams

What you'll learn

In this online course you will learn the different types of custards and creams and what their main differences are. Joanna Artieda will explain in detail and step by step a selection of basic and essential recipes in order to understand each of these different creams and master them to perfection. By the end of the course, you will have learned how to prepare the most commonly used creams in patisserie and be able to continue evolving with new cream techniques.

Before starting with the creams, Joanna will explain the main ingredients used in patisserie and the importance of selecting them carefully. She will also introduce you to the utensils used, along with a work methodology that is vital in order to be a good pastry chef. In short, you will learn everything necessary to be a good pastry chef and gain the knowledge base you need to be able to evolve.

Who is it for?

Anyone who wants to get started in the world of patisserie and understand the basic techniques that it involves, those that must be mastered in order to have a good overall understanding of patisserie and continue learning. It is also aimed at bakers or pastry lovers who already work with patisserie but who have never received proper training or developed an overall understanding of the main techniques and therefore want to strengthen their knowledge.

Necessary Materials

Recommended tools or materials (not essential for the course)

  • Stand mixer
  • Blender
  • Pastry sleeves and nozzles
  • Spatulas
  • Whisk
  • Hand Blender
  • Thermometer
  • Silpats (Silicone baking mat)
  • Rolling pin

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See what our Members are saying

Very good course

Great professor

Amarys Annexy

very good

Avery nice

Alexandros Boukas

Tips para un buen resultado

Me pareció muy interesante el curso, lo ha dejado claro que los productos que se empleen y la cantidad es muy importante para obtener un buen resultado, a parte de eso, los tips de como conservar la preparación, en que postres pueden ser agregados o acompañados, que ingredientes reemplazar por otros, si no se encuentran en el mercado.

Andrzej wojcieszek


Thanks for full information, i've learned so much. Highly recommended

Kamal Kordi

Se puede decorar un pastel con la Italian chantillin.

Como saber como queda la textura final con el agarre agar.

Jose Ramirez

Preapring cream

very informative

Pradeep Kurup

Meet your Instructor

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Pastry Chef and Best Spanish Chef 2016 (Pamplona, Spain)

A versatile chef who acknowledges that her curiosity, dedication, and perfection have been constant in her professional and personal evolution, and have led her to acquire an extraordinary mastery of cooking and pastry techniques.

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What's included?

  • 1h 25m HD video
  • 14 Recipes
  • 15 Lessons
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  • 6 Quizzes
  • Certificate

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  • Español, English
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Krisztina Nagy
Posted 1 month ago
It's interesting to delve into the world of creams.

Very professional performance. Thank you.

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Posted 2 months ago
Great recipes.

I liked the introductory information, there is a lot to learn from. The teacher is great.

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Kabita Rai
Posted 3 months ago
Lovely knowledge

It was a great informative class , it covered all my questions about creams basics and dept

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Amarys Annexy
Posted 4 months ago
Very good course

Great professor

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Yol Dorosi
Posted 5 months ago
nice course

thank you

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Ash Barker
Posted 7 months ago


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Sujeeva Dias jayasinghe
Posted 7 months ago
basic course


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Hélder Carvalho
Posted 7 months ago
Good technique


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Isimbi Marine
Posted 8 months ago
Pastry creams

It's simple to understand and the ingredients used are easy to get world wide

Preview Image
Ald Din
Posted 8 months ago

Very useful.

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