Who is Dina Alsina Pérez?

Her versatility allows her to work in different disciplines such as chocolate, savory, ice cream and cold pastry.

Her life is part engineering and part art. She loves to travel, seek inspiration and create from a very methodical perspective.
Born to parents from Barcelona, and of Italian heritage, Dina Alsina got her first job in a pharmaceutical company after studying to be a laboratory technician. After a year she decided to enter the world of cooking, so she took a three year pastry course at EPGB (Escola de Pastisseria del Gremi de Barcelona).

While studying, she joined Xavier Canal's CANAL, where her liking for pastry became stronger. That opportunity was a decisive change for her career as she subsequently decided to stay in that field. After years working at Canal, she began working briefly in a hotel pastry section, which then led her to teach at a hospitality school.

Some years later she realized that her passion was in research and development. She started in a dietary pastry company (wholegrains,, no sugar...) and later moved to a larger national company, an industrial pastry factory. Her experience led her to conduct demonstrations, participate in fairs, provide advice to chains, hotels, manufacturers, distributors, etc.
In 2018, Ken-Foods hired her for a very ambitious future project. There, she focuses on designing recipes, training staff, overseeing raw material suppliers, developing products, advising clients, designing menu cards, among other responsibilities.

In 2024 she trained as an Expert in Artisanal Ice Cream Production at the University of Alicante.

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