Who is Máximo Cabrera?

Creator of the first plant-based restaurants in Argentina.

Máximo Cabrera was born in Balcarce, a province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is a self-taught chef, researcher and musician who inherited his love for cooking from his mother, and his respect for the land, food and traditions from his father.
He studied biology, specializing in metabolic processes related to food. From that moment he began a long research career in various kitchens and disciplines related to health and the planet.

Needing a space to develop his new ideas, in 2006 he decided to open his house, giving life to Kensho, one of the first restaurants behind closed doors in the city of Buenos Aires, calling the attention of media such as The New York Times and the Washington Post, among others.
Máximo was summoned by Slow Food to participate in the great Terra Madre network of networks. Thus, he developed an educational work that doesn’t only concern the kitchen, but multiple aspects that are related to it.

That is why he decided to open his laboratory and create Estudio Crudo, an interdisciplinary educational space where he offers conferences, advice, product development, classes, and books, and actively participates in the gastronomic and educational scene.

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