Naturally Fermented Milks and Yogurts

Versatile, flavored beverages, suitable for cooking, baking, sauces and, of course, drinking!

Commencing with seeds, you'll obtain a wholly plant-based raw product

Embrace a fresh perspective on homemade creations. Quality shines through every step, yielding results far surpassing those of mass-produced plant-based beverages. With straightforward methods, you’ll confidently craft this foundational item in any kitchen. Explore vegetable kinds of milk boasting distinctive flavors and textures, providing novel outcomes. Walnuts, almonds, coconut, and hazelnuts are among the chosen fruits to concoct the most delectable beverages.

A realm of possibilities unfolds, enabling you to reimagine beloved classics like chai latte, golden milk, and chocolate milk into animal-product-free renditions.

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Effectively process seeds for improved digestion.
  • Create a variety of plant-based milk bases for various culinary uses.
  • Select the perfect sweetener to match your nutritional needs and taste preferences.
  • Harness the potential of local, seasonal ingredients to craft delicious and wholesome dairy-free milk alternatives.
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Course Syllabus

Course Content

Chapter 1 - Presentation and recipe book
Chapter 2 - Cleaning, activation and conservation of seeds
Chapter 3 - Sweeteners
Chapter 4 - Vegetable Milks with Classic Seeds
Chapter 5 - Vegetable Milks with Alternative Seeds
Chapter 6 - Flavored vegetable milks
Chapter 7 - Functional beverages
Chapter 8 - Rejuvelac: how to generate a starter
Chapter 9 - Base fermentations
Chapter 10 - Drinks with cultured milks
Chapter 11 - Questions and answers
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Before you go

Plant Based milks that will be the basis of exquisite recipes for your daily life.

What you'll learn

Crafting vegan milks becomes straightforward with the right theoretical foundation. The initial steps of cleansing and activating the seeds are crucial for harnessing their optimal nutrients. How to perform these tasks? Plus, you’ll discover preservation techniques to extend their shelf life, covered in our initial lessons.

Our focus will be on mastering the art of extracting the vital essence from seeds, creating “milk” or raw plant-based beverages. You’ll have an array of seeds and nuts at your disposal, brimming with goodness and inherent properties.

We’ll delve into wholesome sweetening alternatives: organic sugars, whole grains, fruits, polyols, and more. Uncover their individual benefits and unique characteristics.

By blending fruits, spices, and other elements adeptly, you’ll conjure up delectable vegan beverages for any time of the day. Armed with the foundational knowledge from this course, you’ll have the freedom to invent your own combinations and unleash your imagination.

Who is it for?

This course is aimed at all artisans in the kitchen, those looking to add value and quality by making their products from scratch.

Material needed

  • Filtering bag
  • Freezer bag
  • Blender
  • Cup blender
  • Dryer
  • Wide-mouth glass bottles
  • Micro grater

*Tools or materials recommended in some of the recipes (not essential for the course).

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Hidden gem

Thought I was going to just watch it a couple of minutes and pass, but got hooked and almost binge watched it. Very nice presentation and content.

Artjom Vassiljev

Great job

Great job

Nikolas Tsafos

Meet your Instructor

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Culinary consultant and instructor. Creator of Crudo Studio

Chef researcher and promoter of plant-based cuisine. He was part of one of the first organic gastronomic projects that promote sustainability and fair trade.

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What's included?

  • 2 h 50 min HD video
  • 25 recipes
  • 37 lessons
  • Recipe book
  • Additional material
  • 8 Quizzes
  • Certificate

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  • Español
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Nikolas Tsafos
Posted 5 months ago
Great job

Great job

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Artjom Vassiljev
Posted 6 months ago
Hidden gem

Thought I was going to just watch it a couple of minutes and pass, but got hooked and almost binge watched it. Very nice presentation and content.

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