Who is Raúl Pérez?

Expert in transmitting coffee culture, connecting the origin with the cup.

Barista and certified trainer. He worked in the management of the client portfolio, advising on coffee in a technical and commercial way.

His beginnings date back to 2005 with his first approach to the world of specialty coffee. From then until now, he has advanced day by day to nurture both the theoretical information and manual dexterity to prepare the best coffees.

He worked for the Novell Group in Madrid, where he worked in the area of customer advice, barista training, management of premises. He kept this job for 14 years, until 2019, the year in which after much learning he acquired the title of Authorized S. C. A. Trainer.

Since October 2019 he became responsible for the Coffee School of Cafés Baqué in Madrid, conducting all kinds of courses and barista training. Baqué is a family company that is committed to combining tradition and innovation to satisfy all its customers, both individuals and hospitality and business, through sustainable development and with the capacity to roast more than 3 million kilos of coffee a year.

In 2020, he became a member of the Training Committee of the Coffee Forum, in addition to being a certified teacher of the Coffee Forum, combining this function with his work at Cafés Baqué.

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