Cold Brew Coffees

The cold brew or cold infusion conquers palates with its versatility and complexity of flavor. On this occasion , we will make cocktail recipes with and without alcohol.

Cold brew coffees used as a base to make delicious drinks.

Coffee is becoming increasingly widespread in various settings, not only in cafes and restaurants but also in bars, where it is being used with both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Unlike a hot extraction, the cold brew preserves all the nuances, all the aroma and all the properties of the original product, highlighting the benefits of a specialty coffee.

It is a preparation that is less acidic and has a long-lasting flavor. You can store cold brew for several days without losing its aroma, ready to use whenever you need it.

At the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Prepare cold brew from scratch, in small or large quantities.
  • Use spirits and alcoholic products to enhance your coffee drinks.
  • Perform basic cocktail techniques.
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Course Syllabus

Coffee Specialists

In Cafés Baqué, we have been dedicated to our passion for coffee for over 100 years. We are leaders in hospitality in the Basque Country and La Rioja, and one of the most recognized brands in the national market. We are a family-owned company that strives to blend tradition and innovation to satisfy all our customers, whether individuals, hospitality businesses, or companies. To achieve this, we select the finest origins to ensure that our blends maintain their characteristics from the beginning of the process to reaching your cup. We roast over 3 million kilograms of coffee per year, and more than 300,000 cups of Cafés Baqué are consumed every day. And we want to continue this journey together with you.

Get to know our Coffee Products for your home

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A coffee preparation system that continues to surprise enthusiasts and experts.

What you'll learn

Raúl Pérez shows us how to get the most out of specialty coffees, to enjoy them beyond just a normal hot cup of coffee.

In this online course we are also joined by bartender Ignacio Cabello and mixology director Enrico Basile from Premium Mixes.

Using syrups, carbonated water, sodas and alcoholic beverages such as Baileys, rum, Licor 43, vodka and Kahlúa, you will achieve fun results by breaking out of the usual routine.

In this course, in addition to the recipes themselves, you will also learn different culinary techniques that will be useful on numerous occasions.

The techniques you will learn are:

  • Cold infusion
  • Smoking
  • Shaking (cocktail shaking)
  • Refreshed (cocktail making)
  • Direct technique (cocktails)

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Meet your Instructor

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Cafés Baqué Trainer, Authorized SCA Trainer

With over 17 years in the coffee industry, Raúl Pérez Gómez shares his extensive knowledge of theory and practice of the 'drink of the gods' with professionals, beginners, and enthusiasts.

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Fresh new ideas

Love the addition of non alcoholic cocktails

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