Who is Xevi Ramon Simon?

Xevi Ramon Simon combined his studies with sleepless nights in the bakery workshop where he put into practice everything he learned in his studies; getting to know the profession through observing and listening to self-made bakers. This experience has given him a very deep respect for the profession and for all professionals who have dedicated themselves to making bread. Xevi Ramon is very clear that he is dedicated to making quality bread, and to having sincere a dialogue with his clients, to whom he offers an honest product.

He studied extensively in the bakery and pastry sector at the Vapor Llonch school, and on various courses taught by the bakery guild, where he was lucky enough to be a student of professionals such as Manel Cortés.

He made several trips to France, training in the best bakeries across the country and experimenting with Levain liquid ferments. He was also a collaborator within the bakery machinery industry, working as a bakery consultant, and attended various industry fairs in China and the United States.

Currently, he dedicates all his effort and knowledge to lead Triticum, a cutting-edge company within the pre-baked bread sector, catering specifically for haute cuisine. His products combine the latest bakery knowledge and techniques with the artisan wisdom of the sector, and are enjoyed at many of the best tables in Spain.


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