Avant Garde Ice Creams

Learn to make ice-creams with the best, Jordi Roca, who will show you how to create innovative textures and tastes. On this course, you will learn how to make a homemade ice-cream from scratch and pair it with some very original toppings.

Jordi Roca

El Celler de Can Roca - 3 Michelin Stars (Girona, Spain)

Create ice creams and sorbets with Jordi Roca

In this online course about ice-cream, Jordi Roca will show you his vision, inspiration, technique, and the secrets that make his ice creams different, with multiples flavors and textures and, of course, a delicious taste.

You will discover how Jordi Roca has shaken up the world of senses and textures by playing with ice-creams and their bespoke accompaniments in the form of toppings.

Avantgrde Icre Cream Presentation

Course curriculum

What you'll learn

Jordi Roca's ice-cream philosophy

In this online course all about ice cream, you will take a deeper look into ice-cream and sorbet techniques. Jordi Roca will share three premium ice cream and sorbet recipes that go beyond the classics, and through which he will share his philosophy. Jordi will prepare each one step by step, explaining the ingredients necessary for a perfect ice-cream or sorbet formulation.

Jordi will explain some of the wide range of toppings offered in his ice-cream parlour ‘Rocambolesc’. These are not just decorations, but are an essential part of the final ice-cream, and provide an interesting combination of textures.

He will prepare of some of these toppings and, finally, you will be told the key points for preparing a good ice-cream.

Who is it for?

This ice-cream course is intended for professionals, foodies, or just ice-cream lovers who want to learn the technique behind a good ice-cream, as well as the potential to create a different, natural type of ice-cream.

What you’ll need

  • Ice cream machine
  • Thermometer
  • Core seed remover (optional)
  • Vacuum cooking bags and vacuum packaging machine (optional)
  • Blast chiller (optional)
Avantgrde Icre Cream what you-l learn
Very interesting
gary simmons

I thought the course may be too advanced for me but it was well laid out and easy to follow. As an ice cream lover, I certainly appreciate quality ingredients. Jordi’s flavours are next level. If you are ready to explore beyond chocolate and vanilla, I think you will be inspired by this course. I should mention....he does a vanilla that I can only dream of. The dubbing leaves a little to be desired. It is clear and concise but lacks emotion. Subtitles are sufficient

Very informative and clear
Pedro Guimarães

It was awesome to see a great mind explaining to cooking enthusiasts. It open our universe to create our own sorbets/ice creams with Rocambolesc techniques.

Very Good!!!
Burin Vongpanich

This course will give you a good fundamental of making a very good ice cream and sorbet those you can apply other ingredients.

very good
Silvia Regina Silva

Some great tips.
Joshua Jarman

I appreciated the tips about pasteurization and volatility. The instructions were clear and easy to understand.

Pía Molina

Nice! It is very interesting to see the actual chef, Jordi Roca, preparing and explaining how to do everything. These recipes can be the base for our own creations. Thanks a lot.

Jordi Roca took his first gastronomic steps at his parents' restaurant, in Can Roca (Girona). Later, while training at the Escuela de Hostelería de Girona (Girona Hospitality School), he worked with his siblings at Celler de Can Roca helping them with whatever was required.

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Avg. Rating
1008 Ratings
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Thien An
Posted 2 weeks ago

Inspiration on making my own ice cream from one of the best pastry chef in the world

Preview Image
Wuilliam Duran
Posted 1 month ago
la tecnica

me gusta las diferentes formas para realizar un helado

Preview Image
Joshua Jarman
Posted 3 months ago
Some great tips.

I appreciated the tips about pasteurization and volatility. The instructions were clear and easy to understand.

Preview Image
Posted 3 months ago
how some sugars have different effects

pretty good. i learned techniques i never used before

Preview Image
Konstantinos Petrogiannakis
Posted 4 months ago

Jordi Roca..Legend

Preview Image
Kostas Petro
Posted 4 months ago


Preview Image
caitlin forsyth
Posted 5 months ago

Loved the Apple icecream and caramelised Apple, especially

Preview Image
vedant newatia
Posted 6 months ago
Very less recipes

Very basic

Preview Image
Mariano Greco
Posted 1 year ago
Not what I've expected

Knowing Jordi Roca i was expecting a more punctual and technical approach, for instance, out there there are hundreds of emulsifier with different formula. An explanation of the structural characteristics of the ingredients would be expected.

Preview Image
nauman mansoor
Posted 1 year ago
Ice cream course

I think it is the best online ice cream course

Preview Image
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