Entremets and Tarts

Master haute patisserie techniques and make delicate entremets and tarts with the Best Pastry Chef 2019.

Antonio Bachour

Pastry Chef and Owner of Bachour Miami. World's Best Pastry Chef, 2018 and 2022

Entremets and tarts: two Bachour specialities

Entremets and tarts are known for their versatile flavors and refined appearance. They can be customized to suit different tastes and are ideal for any occasion.

In this online course, pastry chef Antonio Bachour, selected as the best pastry chef in the world for two consecutive years, shares creations that combine advanced level preparation and decoration techniques.

The aim of this course is to help you to replicate his creations successfully, and then apply what you’ve learned, and develop your creativity.

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Course curriculum

Course Content

Chapter 1 - Presentation and Recipe Book
Chapter 2 - Black Forest Entremet
Chapter 3 - Mango Entremet
Chapter 4 - Coconut and Strawberry Entremet
Chapter 5 - Chocolate Caramel Tart
Chapter 6 - Berry Tart

What you'll learn

Creative haute patisserie techniques with the great Antonio Bachour

Antonio Bachour will share some of his most elaborate and highly technical recipes. Through the preparation of three entremets and two tarts we’ll see how Antonio makes sablé dough, and the various different sponge cakes that he uses within his entremets.

Bachour will demonstrate step by step, without missing a single detail, the techniques needed to make caramel, different flavored ganaches, and various creams and jellies. His desire for perfection will enable you to discover the secrets of a good glaze.

His creations consist of a large number of layers and when cut they resemble perfectly formed little jewels. You will learn to assemble and decorate high-end pastry with an elegant and captivating finish.

Who is it for?

This course is aimed at pastry professionals, as well as advanced pastry lovers who want to continue to learn new techniques. It’s also for all who want to learn Antonio Bachour’s way of understanding pastry; how he combines textures and flavors, and conceives concepts. Discover ideas that you can apply to your own creations.

Recommended equipment 

  • Convection oven
  • Stand mixer
  • Thermomix
  • Silpat mats
  • Silicon molds
  • Spatulas
  • 21 cm mold
  • 16 cm ring
  • Pastry bag and nozzles
  • Acetate strips
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You won’t waste your time!
Olga Brykovets

Recommend the course! So many techniques and useful information

Very well explained.
Joanna Lazaro

very well explained

Useful practical course
Tamar Nadiradze

The techniques are explained in details and the recipes are easy to follow.

Training with an excellent professional makes me want to continue on this path.
Sandra Soledad Rivero

I think it's great to be able to study in a virtual format, especially for those of us who are so far away.

top course
Gloriande Raimbert

vert challemging

Thank you!
Georgios Kornaropoulos

Thank you!

Antonio Bachour, a hypercreative pastry chef renowned as the world's best, is celebrated for his unwavering dedication, pursuit of perfection, and pioneering approach, establishing him as one of the most renowned figures in the realm of pastry arts.

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1504 Ratings
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norisha arnett
Posted 4 days ago
beautiful tarts

I will be starting my tart and entremets. journey with this course

Preview Image
Posted 2 weeks ago

the presentation was good

Preview Image
Joanna Lazaro
Posted 2 weeks ago
Very well explained.

very well explained

Preview Image
klaudia kozarova
Posted 4 weeks ago
New skils

I am glad that I bought this course, I learned new information and improved my baking skills

Preview Image
sumant sharma
Posted 1 month ago
Fact behind the uses of ingredients, tools and techniques.

Very informative and knowledgeable, very clear and easy.

Preview Image
Georgios Kornaropoulos
Posted 2 months ago
Thank you!

Thank you!

Preview Image
Tetyana Masych
Posted 2 months ago
It amazing!

Red berries tart look amazing, I will start making fest 👏

Preview Image
Gamilah Mohammed
Posted 2 months ago
How to make glaze shine

I love the red tarts and the design of different types, it's beautiful now I understand it, thanks🙏 I will make your Recipe With confidence

Preview Image
Ameen Altokhais
Posted 2 months ago
no much tools needed

i like how chef make it easy to learn

Preview Image
Adriana Colmenares
Posted 2 months ago
Excellent Course

I really liked the way he explains, it is very easy to understand, excellent techniques and advice.

Preview Image
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