Cooking with Duck Foie Gras

In this technical and innovative course of 6 exquisite recipes for Foie Gras, you will learn specific cooking techniques that will allow you to handle and manipulate this delicate product well.

Technical cooking course: Applicable Duck Foie Gras recipes

Foie Gras is a key delicacy in French Gastronomy, where we habitually find new inventive recipes yet maintain consistency in the way we cook it. Often we associate important moments in our lives with this special dish, such as celebrations. In this online course with French Chef Romain Fornell, you will learn the culinary techniques which will help you cook this dish to perfection.

Similarly, Romain Fornell, known for his French traditions, will teach you the innovative techniques for cooking with vapor, the salt for foie gras, a rare concept to learn in gastronomy. Romain Fornell, special gala chef, teaches this course step-by-step, in a very pedagogical way, while educating on the culinary challenges in creating the results you want, as well as highlighting the importance of originality and sophistication through  6 recipes.


Course curriculum

What you'll learn

Professional Techniques for working with foie gras

If you can take away one thing from this course, it will be the precision and originality of certain techniques:  partially cooked, polished, with vapor and with salt.  These are the techniques that Romain Fornell applies to foie gras. You will also learn to elaborate on the process of cooking stuffed macaroni (pasta) with foie gras which allows you to take advantage and maximize your skills with this delicacy.

Similarly, Romain Fornell shares with us his signature plates and being the creator and author of Foie Yogurt, a signature dish, though mainly served as an appetizer,  which is mainly associated with him.

Who is it for?

This online course will satisfy professional chefs, as well as lovers cooking and FOODIES alike. This complete course focuses on the process of making Duck foie gras; containing the basic, yet interesting theory behind the dish, as well as, the necessary techniques to make a venison foie gras, impressive concoctions like partially the partially cooked or terrine, and finally the innovative technique of duck foie gras vapor, amongst others.

Fornell specializes in French cooking, and in Foie Gras; for this reason, this course executed by this teacher, well versed in the pedagogy of French cooking, explains step-by-step all of the elaborations, so you don’t miss one detail of how to learn how to make Foie Gras to perfection. Chefs and cooking enthusiasts will find in this course an opportunity to discover or rediscover foie gras as never before.

Necessary Materials

Instruments or materials recommended in some recipes (not essential for the course):

  • Oven
  • Steamer
  • Paper towels
  • Silicon paper
I enjoyed this class very much!!
Deborah Betancourt

I absolutely loved this class, it met my expectations, since the chef uses different techniques and cooking methods to enhance the main product… nicely explained and encouraged me to try out his recipes! Amazing!!

The French Chef  Romain Fornell was born in Toulouse (south of France) in 1976, and at 18 years old, he had the clarity and passion for gastronomy.

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Tuomas Heikkinen
Posted 5 months ago
Good but can be better

The recipe file is not well made. The producer in the beginning is odd, maybe he is the sponsor

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Deborah Betancourt
Posted 6 months ago
I enjoyed this class very much!!

I absolutely loved this class, it met my expectations, since the chef uses different techniques and cooking methods to enhance the main product… nicely explained and encouraged me to try out his recipes! Amazing!!

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Adrian Haxhijahja
Posted 1 year ago
molto poco materiale..

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