Who is Aurelio Morales?

Aurelio Morales is the chef in charge of restaurant CEBO (1*Michelin) located in the hotel Urban 5*GL of Madrid. This restaurant offers a gastronomy elaborated with great technique and special attention to Madrilenian and Mediterranean products.

A veteran chef after working in the stoves of avant-garde restaurants like the ‘Bulli’, Tickets, àBac, Echaurren... and being head chef and Manager of Creativity at restaurant Miramar de Llançà (2** Michelin), chef Aurelio Morales has started the project of the new restaurant CEBO to shine with his own creativity, technique and experience.

The cuisine of restaurant CEBO is defined as contemporary, progressive and free because it is trendy, with a continuous evolution and open to techniques from all over the world. Everything is done with the maximum respect for the product. In order to achieve this conceptual junction, he reflects a balance between classicism and modernity in his dishes, and it is not only perceived in its cooking process and design but also in its taste.
In addition to this technique, this chef shows a good judgement when selecting and managing the different  products used in all his recipes. The reinvention of tradition.
It should be highlighted that restaurant CEBO has been awarded a Michelin Star the last November of 2017, just some weeks after its opening. This is a clear proof of the success of its gastronomic concept, created by chef Aurelio Morales. Many comments will arise on it.

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