California Cuisine with Japanese Techniques

Sustainably sourced cuisine. A model of gastronomy that encompasses regenerative agriculture, seasonality, and local consumption

Kyle Connaughton

Chef and Co-owner of SingleThread Farms (California, USA) - 3 Michelin stars

Kyle Connaughton

Chef and Co-owner of SingleThread Farms (California, USA) - 3 Michelin stars

The SingleThread philosophy and customer experience transcends beyond the table

Kyle and Katina Connaughton open the doors to SingleThread, a space that combines the fertile and organic soils of their California-based farm with a sustainable and luxury restaurant. Raw materials are paramount here, where the origin of the product and good cooking technique are celebrated.

Using ingredients from their own farm, or from local producers, and with a nod to Japanese cuisine, Kyle presents us with a five dish proposal conceptualized according to the season.

Upon completion of this online course you will:

– Be able to apply advanced culinary techniques such as dehydration, smoking, foaming and more

– Understand how using 0 km products has a positive impact on the creative process and on the environment

– Discover the potential of regenerative agriculture through a 3 Michelin star kitchen

– See how Japanese cuisine and local Californian products can be perfectly combined

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Course Syllabus

Course Content

Chapter 1 - Course presentation and recipe book
Chapter 2 - Introduction to the SingleThread Philosophy
Bonus chapter - Zero Foodprint
Chapter 3 - Tempura Squash Blossoms
Chapter 4 - Chawanmushi with Miso Sabayon
Chapter 5 - Tomato & Cucumber Somen with Shima Aji Sashimi & Barrel-Aged Ponzu
Chapter 6 - Duclair Duck with Strawberries and Beets
Chapter 7 - Fukkura-san Black Cod, Shio Koji Negi, Vegetables from the Farm
Before you go

Haute cuisine with a Japanese influence that is notable for its attention to detail

What you'll learn

According to the principle of  ‘omotenashi’, or giving the customer more than they expect, Chef Kyle teaches us to think about the dish beyond the food. It is about telling a story, a totally immersive experience, in which he actively participates, from the selection of the ingredients, to the plating, and even the chosen crockery.

Vegetarian recipes here include a preparation of chawanmushi egg custard using the sabayón technique and a siphon foam, and stuffed squash flowers, with all the tips you need to obtain an extra fine and crunchy tempura.

Within fish dishes we find some noodles with sashimi, tomatoes from the farm, and ponzu sauce aged in chardonnay barrels, reflecting the California wine country location and all it has to offer.

The strongest and most technical dish is a duclair duck that is cooked twice over charcoal and served rosé with its own juices, tuber pavé, berry powder and reduction, slow-cooked cabbage radish cream, and fresh strawberries that will be smoked and dried.

We finish with the traditional Japanese Fukkura-san, a method of steaming donabe – similar to a tagine. Here we will see how Kyle incorporates a stunning selection of seasonal vegetables and accommodates the various different cooking times and techniques that each one requires.

Who is it for?

This online course is ideal for professional chefs, or those who have some culinary training.

It is also of great interest to foodies who appreciate sustainable gastronomy and want to learn about the SingleThread philosophy.

What you’ll need

  • Wood grill
  • Blender
  • Donabe (Japanese clay pot)
  • Sous vide machine
  • Vacuum bags
  • Ibushi Gin donabe smoker / Earthenware smoker
  • Dehydrator
  • Steam and dry oven
  • Wood barrels
  • Sauce gun
  • Mandolin
  • Strainer
  • Piping bags
  • Cast iron pans

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How to get the best of the seasonal vegetables

I love the focus on how to use the regenerative agriculture and bring it to a high level dish in a restaurant, help the planet and create without destroy. Excellent

David Sepulveda Arzuza

Great job

Great job

Nikolas Tsafos

Meet your Instructor

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Chef and Co-owner of SingleThread Farms (California, USA) - 3 Michelin stars

Chef Kyle Connaughton and his wife Katina, a farmer by profession, came up with the perfect formula to unite a restaurant, a farm and a boutique hotel. A rural gastronomic luxury.

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Nikolas Tsafos
Posted 7 months ago
Great job

Great job

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David Sepulveda Arzuza
Posted 1 year ago
How to get the best of the seasonal vegetables

I love the focus on how to use the regenerative agriculture and bring it to a high level dish in a restaurant, help the planet and create without destroy. Excellent

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bella blanchard
Posted 1 year ago
down to earth presentation

I could taste it with my eyes. The only thing about the courses I don't like is the music- which isn't needed at all, and I don't like the breaks in between.

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Marie Young
Posted 2 years ago

courses cut too short

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igor kokozov
Posted 2 years ago

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