Cantabrian Cuisine

From Cantabrian anchovies to Tudanca sirloin steak to "Pasiego cheese," the chef seeks to popularize local delicacies by enhancing them in simple and delicious dishes.

Despite being a "three-star" chef, his approach to basic ingredients is refreshingly simple.

In this course, chef Jesús Sánchez, 3 Michelin stars at Cenador de Amòs in Cantabria, aims to highlight the most characteristic and typical ingredients of his native Cantabria (Northern Spain) through traditional dishes.

In the end you will be able to:

  • Understand the history and conceptualization of the traditional recipes of Cantabria.
  • Understand the diversity of ingredients of the region.
  • Cook emblematic Cantabrian dishes, respecting tradition, but using modern techniques.
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Course curriculum

Course Content

Chapter 1 - presentation of the course
Chapter 2 - Cantabrian red bean soup with vegetables and fried cabbage
Chapter 3 - Roasted Vegetable and Anchovy Salad
Chapter 4 - Mussels in marinara style with blue cheese from Cantabria
Chapter 5 - Egg timbale with cod tripe and potatoes 'paja'.
Chapter 6 - Roasted mackerel fillet with fresh tomato vinaigrette
Chapter 7 - Tudanca sirloin steak with blue cheese sauce
Chapter 8 - Fig Cake
Chapter 9 - "Quesada Pasiega"
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What you'll learn

All dishes cooked in this course are accessible to anyone, without imposing complex or particular techniques

The course opens with a bean soup, prepared with an ingredient of excellence, the “Caricos”, a particular variety of red beans, typical of Cantabria.

The chef prepares a unique salad with cooked vegetables that are roasted using a particular cooking process, employing the microwave to generate a vacuum-packing effect. This process allows vegetables to cook to perfection while minimizing flavor dispersion.

In a cuisine always oriented to enhance local elements, Jesús Sánchez chooses to combine the mussels with a typical blue cheese from Cantabria, the ‘Picòn Berjes-Tresviso’.

One of the most recognized features of cooking and tasting an egg is the contrast between a solid layer of white and the liquid part of the yolk. We reproduce it within a timbale, with beaten egg white stabilized with tapioca and albumen, and yolk in the center. The meal is served with a “stew” of fish tripe that is made with water from roasted peppers and a “straw” of potatoes to provide crispness.

You will learn how to prepare an ideal sauce to accompany a mackerel. We are going to teach you the technique for cleaning and cutting a tomato, which serves as the base for this warm vinaigrette, while contrasting salty and acidic elements, such as white soy sauce and sherry vinegar.

Quesada Pasiega is a dish that was created “out of necessity”. The chef’s version is as faithful as possible to the original and is made with a typical cheese from Cantabria, the ‘Queso Pasiego’; it is processed by hand, so to appreciate the texture of the cheese.

Who is it for?

This online course is aimed at all lovers of Spanish gastronomy, especially from the northern one. You will be able to recreate comforting recipes for your home or restaurant.

Necessary Materials

  • Pressure cooker
  • Aluminum foil
  • Turmix
  • Turner
  • Cooking bottle
  • 3 cm cookie cutter
  • Microwave oven
  • Microwave-safe container
  • Microwavable container
  • Transparent film
  • Scissors
  • Casserole dish with lid
  • Narrow-mesh strainer
  • Whisk (or electric mixer)
  • Pastry piping bag
  • Silicone timbale mold
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very nice
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Like many chefs, he trained admiring French techniques, but today he stands out for boasting the goodness of his own country.

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