Who is Dani García?

A creative mind who pays homage to local and seasonal products

From haute cuisine to cooking’for everyone’, Dani García took ‘a few years’ to understand his path. After a brilliant career in haute cuisine, which like so many other great chefs, began in France, with a solid foundation in international cuisine behind him, Dani chose to put his experience at the service of something more direct and less ‘elitist’.

Trained at the La Cónsula School of Hospitality in Málaga, in 1996 he began his career with Martín Berasategui.

His research is aimed at conveying the sense of simplicity inherent in traditional dishes and meals, using modern restaurant techniques and focusing solely on the taste and flavor of food.

Dani defines himself as a ‘craftsman of flavor’, who manages to combine the products of his own land with international techniques and ingredients.

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