Who is Jesús Sánchez?

Very territorial cuisine based on simplicity

Jesús Sánchez is one of the most famous Spanish chefs in the world. His restaurant, Cenador de Amòs, has been an institution in Spain since 1993. His 'starred' career began with his first Michelin star in 1995 and ended with the third in 2019.

Jesús' cuisine finds its foundation in three pillars: Navarrese, French, and Cantabrian cuisine. The fusion of influences and cultures from these regions and countries has given birth to Jesús Sánchez's culinary style, characterized by its straightforward preparation, far removed from the complexities of haute cuisine, yet brimming with delightful flavors. In each of the chef's dishes, there is a single overarching goal: to savor the taste to the fullest.

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