Who is Julio Fernández?

Passion for his craft and the wisdom of his creative approach are among the reasons for his success.

A lucky recipe and the distinction as the Best Andalusian Chef made Julio Fernández jump into the culinary limelight in 2005. But the call of the kitchen had piqued his interest some time before.

He began his career by chance in the world of hospitality while studying electronics. He started as a waiter and then became a kitchen assistant. His training took place at the Taberna del Alabardero in Seville.

After completing his studies at the Escuela Superior de Hostelería de Sevilla, Julio decided to embark on an ambitious project, resulting in an innovative and singular cuisine.

In 2004 he created Abantal. It was a bold bet on culinary revival, with its own processes and traditional formulas reinterpreted by means of polished techniques. More than just Sevillian cuisine, it advocates Andalusian cuisine by always using local products and reflecting Mediterranean culture in each dish.

For more than 13 years Abantal has held a Michelin Star, and is the only Sevillian restaurant to hold this prestigious recognition for such a long time.

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