Healthy Salads

Have fun creating amazing salads ideal to serve as main dishes or sides. Dare to create your own dressings and toppings!

Juliana López May

TV presenter and creator of Juliana López May - Cooking Studio (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Juliana López May

TV presenter and creator of Juliana López May - Cooking Studio (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Everything you need to know to design and prepare the best salads

Salads are a versatile dishes that can accompany you throughout your lifetime. There are fresh, cold salads for the summer, or warm and comforting salads for the winter. Salads consist of a balance between fresh, acidic, sweet and other flavors; making them more interesting through the use of colors and various textures.

In this course we will discover salads that can surprise guests at home, or in a restaurant. We will give traditional and innovative options, with legumes, nutrients, fruits and vegetables. We will show you how a simple vinaigrette, dressing, or seasoning has the power to transform your salad and take it to another level.

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Course Syllabus

Course Content

Chapter 1 - Course Presentation and recipe book
Chapter 2 - Vinaigrettes
Chapter 3 - Panzanella
Chapter 4 - Raw Cauliflower and Broccoli Couscous
Chapter 5 - Five Grain Salad
Chapter 6 - Mushroom Carpaccio with pangrattato and lime
Chapter 7 - Latin Shrimp Salad
Chapter 8 - Arugula, blue cheese, pears and caramelized hazelnuts
Chapter 9 - Roasted Beetroot and Soft Boiled Egg Salad
Before you go

Everything you need to know about designing the world’s best salads

What you'll learn

In this course we will tackle classic salads such as the iconic Mediterranean salad, Panzanella, to some slightly more risky proposals such as a raw cauliflower cous cous salad, that will even delight those who are not fans of this vegetable (the cauliflower sceptics among us).

Salads are made interesting by the nuances of flavors and textures they offer. You will learn to incorporate elements that provide crispness: croutons, breadcrumbs and candied nuts. You will learn the theory behind emulsified and non-emulsified vinaigrettes, combining various ingredients such as yogurt, vinegar, fresh vegetables and aromatic herbs.

You will see different types of salads according to their composition, origin, serving temperature, etc. It is important to know which salads are seasoned in advance in order to develop flavor, and which should be eaten freshly seasoned.

Who is it for?

This course is for all those who wish to take their everyday salads to the next level, incorporating nutritious and delicious ingredients. It is aimed at professional chefs as well as foodies. Whether the world of healthy food interests you, or not, you will find these recipes irresistible and different.

What you’ll need

  • Pots and pans
  • Processor
  • Oven
  • Silpat
  • Hand blender
  • Immersion blender, turmix or liquidizer
  • Citrus zester

*Instruments or materials recommended in some of the recipes (they are not essential for the course).

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Очень познавательно и интерестно.

Нужен русский язык.

Фархат Кадыров



Sotirios Dimitrakopoulos



Cameron Edwards

Wonderful class

I loved the simplicity and the creativity at the same time

Ali Gshayyish


Solamente queria preguntar si no hay video disponible para esre curso? Muchas gracias

marlon perez

Very nice

I like it

Khikmatilla Khamidullaev

Meet your Instructor

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TV presenter and creator of Juliana López May - Cooking Studio (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Her deep care and respect for the quality of the products and her healthy and creative proposal has earned her a privileged place in the hearts of viewers, reaching a very diverse audience.

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Alexandros Koumaditis
Posted 6 days ago
The methods of cooking

I love and learn to many things !

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Edward Reyes
Posted 1 month ago
nice salads!!!

Colorful and innovative Salads.

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Posted 1 month ago
Basics of how to make a salad

As a professional chef, I knew most of the tips and techniques described in this course, but I did learn a few new things in the process and got some new ideas for salad recipes.

Preview Image
Angel Arnaudov
Posted 1 month ago
Great course

One of the best courses, very helpful for restaurants, as she presented recipes where you can store most of the ingredients and assemble them before serving, which makes the job easier.

Preview Image
Buntubethu Malunga
Posted 2 months ago
Thinking outside the box with salads

The recipes are not as detailed compared to the videos but great course nonetheless!

Preview Image
Pablo García
Posted 3 months ago
fantastic !!

amazing course

Preview Image
Adelina Popa
Posted 3 months ago

I enjoyed every recipe and especially how the course is presented.

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Posted 5 months ago


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sara hammoud
Posted 6 months ago
Learned New tricks

The instructor is very helpful , i really enjoyed while watching and learning from her ❤️

Preview Image
Nyiranubaha Odette
Posted 6 months ago
The most important I must know is how can I mix the ingredient in all salad

On this course ,I Like how she mixes all ingredients ,and how she makes the dressing,I don't like the presentation.

Preview Image
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