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Healthy Salads

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  1. Chapter 1 – Course Presentation and recipe book
    About this course
  2. What you’ll learn
  3. Recommended equipment
  4. Meet your instructor
  5. 30-second challenge
  6. Recipe book
  7. Chapter 2 – Vinaigrettes
    What are salads and dressings?
  8. Preparation of tomato and oregano vinaigrette
  9. Preparation of mustard and honey vinaigrette
  10. Preparation of the lemon and honey vinaigrette
  11. Preparing the yogurt and dill vinaigrette
  12. Preparation of the olive and thyme vinaigrette
  13. Preparation of tartar dressing
  14. QUIZ: Salads
    1 Quiz
  15. Chapter 3 – Panzanella
    Panzanella: Presentation of ingredients and concept
  16. Preparation of sourdough croutons
  17. Preparation of the roasted peppers
  18. Preparation of the Panzanella
  19. Presentation of the panzanella
  20. QUIZ: Panzanella
    1 Quiz
  21. Chapter 4 – Raw Cauliflower and Broccoli Couscous
    Raw Cauliflower and Broccoli Couscous: Presentation of ingredients
  22. Preparing the cauliflower and broccoli salad
  23. Raw Cauliflower and Broccoli Couscous: Finishing and presentation
  24. QUIZ: Cous cous
    1 Quiz
  25. Chapter 5 – Five Grain Salad
    Five grain salad: Ingredients and presentation
  26. Five grain salad: Preparation
  27. Five grain salad: Finishing and presentation
  28. QUIZ: Five grain salad
    1 Quiz
  29. Chapter 6 – Mushroom Carpaccio with pangrattato and lime
    Mushroom Carpaccio: Presentation of ingredients and concept
  30. Preparation of flavored pangrattato
  31. Preparation of cooked lemon
  32. Preparation of the carpaccio
  33. Mushroom carpaccio: finishing and presentation
  34. QUIZ: Carpaccio
    1 Quiz
  35. Chapter 7 – Latin Shrimp Salad
    Latin Shrimp Salad: Presentation of ingredients and concept
  36. Preparation of the salad
  37. Cleaning and cooking the shrimp
  38. Latin Shrimp Salad: Finishing and Presentation
  39. QUIZ: Latin Shrimp Salad
    1 Quiz
  40. Chapter 8 – Arugula, blue cheese, pears and caramelized hazelnuts
    Arugula, blue cheese, pears and caramelized hazelnuts: Concept
  41. Preparation of caramelized hazelnuts
  42. Preparation of the golden pears
  43. Arugula, blue cheese, pears and caramelized hazelnuts: Presentation of the salad
  44. QUIZ: Pear, arugula , blue cheese and hazelnut salad
    1 Quiz
  45. Chapter 9 – Roasted Beetroot and Soft Boiled Egg Salad
    Beetroot Salad: Concept
  46. Preparing the roasted beetroot
  47. Preparing the beetroot cream
  48. Preparing the soft boiled eggs
  49. Presentation of the beetroot salad
  50. QUIZ: Beetroot salad
    1 Quiz
  51. Before you go
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  52. Share with the Community
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QUIZ: Cous cous

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