Cooking with Octopus

Learn to identify the different types of octopus available at the market. Discover how to cook with octopus using traditional and innovative techniques.

Diego López

Owner and Chef at Restaurante La Molinera (Pontevedra, Spain)

Diego López

Owner and Chef at Restaurante La Molinera (Pontevedra, Spain)

Learn the most essential aspects of cleanliness, preservation, utilization and cooking of the octopus.

In this online course, Diego López plunges us, very didactically, into the passionate world of the octopus, an essential ingredient in Spanish gastronomy.

Do you know how to differentiate a spanish octopus from an African octopus? Here, we will get a numerous amount of tips, the main features of octopus, how to get acquainted, how to get the most out of all its parts, the so many different forms of cooking and a great amount of traditional recipes, going from octopus a feira to other avant-garde recipes, such as glazed octopus.

This course is thought to be able to grasp all the know-how and shake off the fear of cooking an octopus.

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Course Syllabus

Course Content

Chapter 1 - Presentation and Recipe Book
Chapter 2 - General Information on the octopus
Chapter 3 - Cooking techniques of the octopus
Chapter 4 - Octopus a feira with cachelos
Chapter 5 - Octopus a feira 2.0
Chapter 6 - Octopus terrine carpaccio
Chapter 7 - Smoked octopus, green juice and onion enchilada
Chapter 8 - Galician Octopus Tripes
Chapter 9 - Glazed octopus and fabas de Lourenzá
Chapter 10 - Grilled Baby Octopus
Before you go

Techniques to cook in dry, steam cooking, with water, with lots of tips and recipes around this cephalopod: the octopus

What you'll learn

In this online course you will learn the difference between African octopus and Spanish octopus, its tentacles, the typical color and also the different cooking options this cephalopod offers.

You will learn how to cook an octopus in the traditional way, using the sous-vide technique at high or low temperature and even dry cooking, that is to say, using no water at all, just the juice the octopus releases.

You will discover, along with Diego López, the Galician chef and lover of these products, the most different recipes around the octopus, modern versions of an octopus a feira, how to make the best use of the octopus’ head and also several recipes of Mediterranean octopus.

A course to give the first steps towards learning about such a fantastic product.

Who is it for?

Both to professional chefs and amateurs who are willing to master different techniques and preparations of octopus.

What you’ll need

Instruments or materials suggested in some of the recipes (not essential for the course:

  • Steam oven
  • Big pot
  • Thermomix
  • Vacuum packing machine

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Very nice dishes !

Thank you very much give me emotion !

Tommy Sakamoto

Very Interesting

Octopus is not an item you find a lot down Africa way , nevertheless very interesting in that im looking for it , with the possibility of using it Thank you for the ideas and education

Conan Garrett

Very good

Really good quality course

Isabel Orran Padilla

Very good

I'm greek nd in our region we eat octopus a lot. So for me it was very helpful course.thank you chef

charalampos markakis


Very nice

Mehmet Ali Çelik

So many ways to cook octopus

I have learned various ways of cooking octopus that have pleasantly surprised me

Emily Sera

Meet your Instructor

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Owner and Chef at Restaurante La Molinera (Pontevedra, Spain)

Formed among the best chefs of his land, Galicia and later with many others from the national level, he decides to take the reins of the family business, to propose a new Galician cuisine renewed in La Molinera.

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  • 1h 33 min HD video
  • 11 Recipes
  • 33 Lessons
  • Recipe Book
  • 9 Quizzes
  • Certificate

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Anna Shilyaeva
Posted 1 week ago

Nice course

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francisco rodriguez
Posted 2 months ago


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Vasilis Kafaloukos
Posted 5 months ago

A really nice lesson

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Tarick Dalfre
Posted 5 months ago
Receitas e tecnicas


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marcel neira marco
Posted 7 months ago

explicaciones magnificas y platos increibles

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Nikolas Tsafos
Posted 7 months ago
Great job

Great job

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Katja Pogrzeba
Posted 7 months ago
Good introduction and different versions of preparation

I really like the intro with the product explanation and the different ways of preparation. The only point I have is the voice over in English is sometimes with repited words at the end of the sentence and the German version is also not always correct. But anyway the images and tutorial is great!

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Nic Grigg
Posted 8 months ago
Octopus Course

It was a really informative and interesting course with great tips and recipes. The translation was off and made a lot of mistakes

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João Filipe Veiga Lume Ramos Augusto
Posted 8 months ago
really good

was really usefull

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Charlie Baxter
Posted 9 months ago

Very well explained

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