Neapolitan Pizza

Prepare delicious Neapolitan pizzas and sheet pan pizzas from scratch. Learn the kneading secrets, the fermentation process, how to bake them and the ingredients combination keys for perfect results.

Prepare an authentic neapolitan pizza with natural ingredients, from scratch!

In this online course you will learn, first hand, how to prepare a Neapolitan pizza and a sheet pan pizza with the Figurato’s, who were awarded the prize of best pizza in Spain in the year 2020. You will learn how to prepare a perfect dough, how to stretch it and cook it. You will get to know different varieties of Neapolitan pizza, how to choose ingredients,and  the relevance of tomato or mozzarella.

In this course, the Figurato brothers will teach you the secrets to prepare an exquisite dough, how to knead and the fermentation secrets. Moreover, they will prepare classic Neapolitan pizzas baked in a traditional oven and in a domestic oven, and, if you do not have a Neapolitan oven, the pizza will be baked in a convection oven.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Master the technique to prepare and knead as a professional chef
  • Know the ingredients needed to prepare the best sauce for your pizza
  • Know the types of cooking for the pizza, Neapolitan oven or sheet pan
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Course Syllabus

Course Content

Chapter 1 - Presentation and Recipe Book
Chapter 2 - Presentation of the different types of pizzas
Chapter 3 - Kneading techniques
Chapter 4 - Dough cut and fermentation
Chapter 5 - Preparation and cooking of pizzas
Chapter 6 - Recipes and types of pizzas
Chapter 7 - Varieties
Before you go

Flour, kneading, fermentation and buns of the authentic Neapolitan dough, and the most emblematic recipes

What you'll learn

In this course, the Figurato brothers will teach you the secrets hidden behind a good Neapolitan pizza dough.

From how to select the type of flour, the kneading process -either direct or indirect, by hand or with kneader, and how to get acquainted with the essential fermenting times.

How to understand the relevance of tomato sauce, how to prepare it with raw tomatoes, how to  select a good mozzarella cheese and how to cut it. Also, how to prepare the most emblematic pizzas in the Neapolitan cuisine and some of their creations, which led them to rank among the best 2 pizza restaurants in Europe, as the pumpkin and guanciale pizza.

Who is it for?

This course is addressed to all those professional chefs who are willing to get to know the Neapolitan pizza secrets, and also to the amateur gourmet who desires to prepare exquisite pizzas at his/her own place, since the Figurato brothers prepare and bake the pizzas in different types of ovens so that you can adjust the technique according to your needs.

What you’ll need

  • Kneader
  • Neapolitan oven
  • Convection oven
  • Domestic oven which reaches 340 degrees

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See what our Members are saying

Perfect class

I always wondering Neapolitan Pizza and now I learn this beautiful pizza. Thank you for the recipe and the technics

Ayşe Ünal

Great ideas and fun

I like the fact that everything is well explained. As well the different techniques and varieties. I have a good dough recipe that I make un under 2 hours in the bread machine, now I need to try this to see if a 30 hour raise is really worth it.

Antoine Desrochers

Get all questions answered

This course answered all the questions i had and thought me so much extra ! Excellent

jasmine cakic

Excellent course

I really enjoyed all chapters of this course - everything was very well put together and explained concisely. One of the better courses - I can't wait to try!!

Angela Brown

Brilliant Course

Thank you so much for sharing these amazing recipes

Prudence Wong


Perfect example of Neapolitan pizza cooking by these 2 masters.

Julio Carrillo Rodriguez

Meet your Instructor

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Best Pizzeria in Spain, #3 in Europe ’50 Top Pizza’ (Madrid, Spain)

Neapolitans, from Caserta, the Figurato brothers have taken advantage of their passion for pizza and their experience in the business and marketing world to create their Fratelli Figurato brand and make the best pizzas in Spain.

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3784 Ratings
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Posted 2 days ago
Great information

Would have liked a pictures of the pizza cut in middle especially the fried to see how exactly the middle should look

Preview Image
Rafael Baldasso
Posted 5 days ago
English Audio not synchronized properly

The content is ok, but the platform has lot of issues. the video does not sync with the audio, it's a shame the uploaded this poor quality training

Preview Image
Posted 5 days ago
All the things i wanted to know about the dough and pizza!

Preview Image
Nipun Gosain
Posted 3 weeks ago
great course

congrats guys well done

Preview Image
Posted 4 weeks ago
Good course

Very informative and helpful course.

Preview Image
Fotios D. XENOS
Posted 1 month ago
My own pizza

I'm glad that now l can make my own pizza at home,like at restaurant

Preview Image
Udayath Shaan Ramzan
Posted 1 month ago
Pizza Course

Very useful understood the techniques of cooking time and dough preparation

Preview Image
Jim Gram
Posted 2 months ago
Broken up

Interesting content but the individual lessons are too short. Consider combining some of them. The audio on some of the lessons is out of sync with the actions taking place on the screen. Please include degrees Fahrenheit when talking about oven temperatures.

Preview Image
Stavros Dellaportas
Posted 2 months ago
really usefull

i liked the recipes

Preview Image
Katalin Bozo
Posted 2 months ago

Excellent course and good videos

Preview Image
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