Gourmet Paellas

Be always right with the perfect taste and doneness in rice dishes thanks to María José San Román’s technique, the chef with 1 Michelin Star who is specialised in rice and Mediterranean cuisine.  

Innovation and Mediterranean tradition in rice

Learn with the chef María José San Román, Michelin cook from Alicante specialised in rice and olive oil, to achieve a perfect cooking technique and a delicious taste in your rice dishes. Explore the different productions beyond the traditional paella, dry, thick and soupy rice with all their possibilities, tastes and perfect execution.

Through 7 recipes with rice as the protagonist, this online rice course will teach you how the measures for the bases, the cooking process and the grain choice, will turn your rice into “THE” rice. Leave that simple paella behind and show the gourmet inside you!

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Course Syllabus

Course Content

Chapter 1 - Presentation and Recipe Book
Chapter 2 - Rice
Chapter 3 - Saffron: Use and infusion
Chapter 4 - Fumets
Chapter 5 - Salmorreta sauce
Chapter 6 - Black rice with cuttlefish, artichokes, mullet eggs and kaki
Chapter 7 - Soupy rice
Chapter 8 - Dry 'A banda' rice in cooking pot
Chapter 9 - Thick rice with smoked moray eel
Chapter 10 - Rice with veal foot and chickpeas
Chapter 11 - Thick rice with plankton, green vegetables and barbels
Chapter 12 - Rice of orange and olive oil with other citrics
Before you go

Understand the process of rice and learn to choose the best varieties

What you'll learn

You will learn to cook an always perfect rice with 7 incredible and varied recipes, which are mixed with passion, experience, taste and premium ingredients. Understand the importance of having everything measured and calculated from the very beginning to cook a great rice dish. This must be so as rice is time, temperature, water and fat.

During this online rice course, you will see recipes like ‘Rice with veal leg and chickpeas‘, very marine rice dishes such as ‘Rice with broth of smoked morey eel and onions‘, ‘Black rice with cuttlefish’ or ‘Rice with plankton‘. Also, you will learn to cook “Rice with milk” but without any milk.

All this will be done without forgeting an essencial part, which is the theory –put into practice throughout the course- of key elements such as:

  • Distinguish among the different varieties of rice (Bombita, Bahía, Carnaroli or Albufera, among others from the Levant)
  • Knowing what variety of rice should be used to cook one recipe or another according to chef María José San Román:
  •  Soupy Rice: variety Albufera and variety Bomba
  •  Dry Rice: variety Bahía, whole rice Bahía & Senia
  •  Thick Rice: variety Bombita and Carnaroli.
  • Preparing a good sofrito/sauté like salmorreta
  • The importance of a good broth for rice, like white or red fumet.

After this course, you will be able to invite everybody for lunch and enjoy a premium rice, either cooked with a paella pan or in a (wood-fired) oven!


Who is it for?


This online cooking course is thought to teach either enthusiast foodies or gastronomy professionals so that they can cook an outstanding rice dish by showing techniques, ingredients, advice and knacks depending on what rice dish is wanted. Learn to choose your basic ingredients properly and cook them from the start to achieve an excellent dish with this cereal. Discover how to cook soupy, thick and dry rice dishes in the kitchen of the chef María José San Román in Alicante.

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loved it,

loved the course, innovative, informative, inspirational

Maryke Mostert

An extraordinary course

The course has provided me with a different view on rice. I will incorporate the brown rice to my rice dishes, as well as the saffron infusion and the salmorreta. Congratulations on the course

María López

Meet your Instructor

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Restaurant ‘Monastrell’ - 1 Michelin Star (Alicante, Spain)

María José San Román seeks excellence in every dish she touches, her love for Spanish products has led her to be crowned among the best chefs in Spain.

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What's included?

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  • 7 Recipes
  • 21 Lessons
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  • Certificate

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Nikolas Tsafos
Posted 6 months ago
Great job

Great job

Preview Image
Posted 10 months ago
la técnica y la descripción de la recetas

me encanto la clase ,es como estar en la cocina .la técnica y las recetas son muy buenas ,gracias chef

Preview Image
Lei Shang
Posted 1 year ago
amaing curse

well leanrt

Preview Image
Jen Dean
Posted 1 year ago
Great Techniques

An excellent course, well presented and informative

Preview Image
Marina Bakic
Posted 2 years ago
Buen curso pero podría ser mejor

Esperaba más del curso, creo que no explicó cómo preparar algunos de los ingredientes para los que son principiantes en la cocina. los subtítulos estaban en inglés pero se escuchaba español de fondo. Tengo algunos conocimientos de español. algunos ingredientes no se pueden encontrar en mi país, Montenegro. ella podría haber dicho algún sustituto. Pero todo bien...

Preview Image
patrick nupert
Posted 2 years ago

i haven't star the course yet, how do you want me to rate it????????

Preview Image
Maryke Mostert
Posted 2 years ago
loved it,

loved the course, innovative, informative, inspirational

Preview Image
Anouar Essanhaji
Posted 2 years ago


Preview Image
Georgios Gogopoulos
Posted 3 years ago
Gourmet paellas

Preview Image
John Garcia
Posted 3 years ago
Inspiring but oversimplified

The information is too high level, too general. The cooking is minimal and I feel critical information is left out. It feel like a vanity cooking magazine not a cooing course with the goal to teach, not just inform. It’s a shame, the instructor is clearly very knowledgeable but rushes through the videos teasing techniques but not doing a lot of showing.

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