Peruvian Cuisine and Ceviches

Discover the secrets and the technique to prepare ceviches and tiraditos.

Preparation of one of the latest fashion dishes in worldwide gastronomy: ceviches and tiraditos. Techniques and complements typical of the Peruvian cuisine

In this online course we will venture into Peruvian food. This type of cuisine is one of the most varied in the world. We will begin with one of the most famous dishes in the Inca country: ceviches and tiraditos, where we will learn to use different types of fish or seafood.

The base and soul of all these fresh and tasty dishes is the famous recipe of tiger´s milk.

At the end of the course you will know the difference between ceviche and tiradito.

Led by chef Roberto Sihuay, we will see the difference between existing peppers in the Peruvian gastronomy, their use in cold and also the preparation of chilli pepper paste to keep and use in other preparations.

Side dishes for ceviche and tiradito are wide ranging, from cancha corn to yuca.

We will also prepare a typical hot dish with fish and seafood, served with ceviche sauce.

Peruvian Cuisine and Cevichespresentation

Course curriculum

Course Content

Chapter 1 - Presentation and Recipe Book
Chapter 2 - Tiger´s milk
Chapter 3 - Side dishes
Chapter 4 - Classic bass ceviche
Chapter 5 - Sea bream yellow pepper ceviche
Chapter 6 - Nikkei Tuna Ceviche
Chapter 7 - Rocoto pepper tiradito with Mackerel
Chapter 8 - Tiradito of scallops a la chalaca
Chapter 9 - Tiradito of sea bass and sea food mediterranean fusion
Chapter 10 - Mixed Chicharrón
Chapter 11 - Pisco Sour Cocktail

What you'll learn

The essential cleaning and cuts of fish and seafood, the best side dishes to serve and to work with different peppers

In this online course you will learn the main ingredients to prepare famous Peruvian ceviches and tiraditos, as well as the handling, cleaning and, most important, the correct cut of fish and seafood necessary to prepare these dishes, so present in the current gastronomy.

Led by chef Roberto Sihuay, you will learn the difference between cancha corn and wheat corn, delve into the technique of the basis of these two dishes, the tiger´s milk. And also cook other side dishes, such as plantain chips or cooked yuca.

You will see the chef work with the different Peruvian peppers as yellow pepper or rocoto pepper, and prepare pastes for different uses.

But the most important is the handling of temperatures, essential to prepare ceviches.

You will incorporate new concepts of a booming gastronomy.

Who is it for?

For professionals and amateurs who desire to venture into Inca gastronomy and to discover techniques and fresh and tasty recipes.

What you’ll need

  • Turmix
  • Induction pots
  • Chopping board
  • Frying pan
  • Knife
  • Aluminium or glass bowl
Peruvian Cuisine and Cevichespresentation2
Very useful
christopher bartlett

I found this to be very useful in my actual cooking. I love the creativity in some of the other classes, but cannot recreate the dishes for my level of guests. Every lesson was on point and demystified the secrets of ceviche. Very useful, and would not mind seeing more about Peruvian cuisine.

Very helpfull
Stefanos Sarris

Very good
Predrag Stepanovic

I like everything

Tiger milk
Jose Tavares

I liked very much this course because I had the opportunity to learn the several combination possible with two main ingredients, the fish and the tiger milk

The Perfect course to improve your Peruvian cuisine
Jennifer Salas

Easy recipes to follow with Great results

Super clear and interesting info in peruvian cuisine
Crhystal Silva

Peruvian chef, consultant and trainer, but above all a chef by vocation. His eagerness for gastronomy has made him open several restaurants worldwide, dignifying Peruvian cuisine based on marine products.

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Nikolas Tsafos
Posted 2 weeks ago
Great job

Great job

Preview Image
Predrag Stepanovic
Posted 3 weeks ago
Very good

I like everything

Preview Image
Vadym Misevich
Posted 4 weeks ago

Easy, clear, good and understandable. Good explanation

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Jose Tavares
Posted 2 months ago
Tiger milk

I liked very much this course because I had the opportunity to learn the several combination possible with two main ingredients, the fish and the tiger milk

Preview Image
Jennifer Salas
Posted 3 months ago
The Perfect course to improve your Peruvian cuisine

Easy recipes to follow with Great results

Preview Image
Paula Andrea Cruz Gomez
Posted 4 months ago
It is a course for ceviche lovers!!!

It is a highly recommended course, the chef presents some simple but interesting recipes in flavor, presentation, textures.

Preview Image
Luca Materazzi
Posted 4 months ago
check quiz !

The lesson is interesting ad easy: check the quiz ! Italian subtitles are still very bad !

Preview Image
Posted 6 months ago


Preview Image
Richard Bullock
Posted 7 months ago

Absolutely brilliant. Roberto teaches you the foundations of making Peruvian Ceviches, provides some great recipes and gives you the tools to build your own. I have made ceviche before, but this took me to the next level, I feel like I truly understand ceviche and am expert after taking this!

Preview Image
Quang Hồ Kỳ
Posted 1 year ago
good course

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