Who is Francesca Ferreyros?

Young cook with a great professional career, lover of exotic ingredients.

Francesca is one of the most important young talents in modern Peruvian cuisine; recently nominated for Latin America's Rising Star Female Chef Award by Latin America's 50 Best 2021.

She began her career in 2009 at Cala restaurant in Lima, Peru, under the orders of Iván Kisic. She is the first female chef to be nominated for the Latin America's 50 Best 2021.

At the age of 21 he left Cala and went to work in Florida. Then, in 2015, Celler de Can Roca welcomed her and there she was able to learn what it means to work in the number one restaurant in the world. At the age of 21 she left Cala and went to work in Florida.

Her drive to learn led her to work with Indian chef Gaggan Anand in Thailand in 2016. The Gaggan restaurant led the rankings as number 1 in Asia and number 7 in the world (50 Best Restaurants) for three consecutive years (2015-2018), as well as holding 2 Michelin Stars. Together with Gaggan, he toured touring New York, Mexico and Brazil, Japan and India.

In 2018 he returned to Peru to take over the kitchen of the legendary Peruvian restaurant IK.

And in mid-2020 he surprises the Lima public with the opening of a personal project, Baan. This restaurant gathers his experiences and his passion for fusing influences from Southeast Asian cuisine with Peruvian ingredients.

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