Demystify the macaron making process and master this popular patisserie product.

Master the Macaron

Macarons are the jewel of the patisserie shop window and are much coveted by pastry fans worldwide. These precious and petite delicacies are also known for their temperamental nature, as many chefs and enthusiasts can attest.

 Struggle no more! Macaron success is within reach thanks to macaron master, Damien Wager, who produces thousands of macarons every week. Damien will demystify this process step-by-step, sharing his technical tips and tricks to make smooth, shiny, crisp, chewy, colorful shells with perfect feet.

At the end of this course you will:

  • Know how to make macaron shells using French, Italian and vegan meringue techniques.
  • Be able to produce a range of macaron fillings.
  • Know how to store and preserve macarons so they can be enjoyed in optimal condition.
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Course curriculum

Course Content

Chapter 1 - Presentation and recipe book
Chapter 2 - Macaron Theory
Chapter 3 - Macaron Techniques
Chapter 4 - Passion Fruit and Raspberry Macaron
Chapter 5 - Strawberry and Lime Macaron
Chapter 6 - Vegan Chocolate Orange Macaron
Course Farewell

What you'll learn

The keys to great macarons are technique, consistency and perseverance.

Damien will demonstrate three different meringue techniques used to produce macarons: French meringue, Italian meringue and a vegan meringue recipe that takes advantage of egg replacers. You will see how to produce each type of macaron shell step-by-step as Damien shares his tips and tricks for each of the three techniques.

Learn how to make smooth even macaron shells, and to color, pipe, bake and cool them correctly.

You will learn to make different types of ganache, including fruit caramel ganache and a vegan ganache. Different methods for gel fillings will also be demonstrated, using a variety of different texturizing and gelling agents. 

Finally, discover the best way to store your macarons so they can be produced efficiently, transported and enjoyed while at their best.

Who is it for?

This course is for professionals who would like to add macarons to their pastry production, and pastry enthusiasts who wish to raise their homemade macaron game.

What you’ll need

  • Silicone mats
  • Piping bags
  • Round pastry nozzle
  • Stand mixer
  • Food processor
  • Hand blender
  • Tall narrow jug
  • Heat proof spatulas
  • Flexible spatulas
  • Cooling racks
  • Baking trays
  • Oven
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Very well explained.
Joanna Lazaro

Very well explained.

very nice
Pritam Biswas

like so much

Top Cours pour les macarons
Pâtisserie Atelier

Merci beaucoup pour cette formation

Thanking your team
Abudhakhir Sarfudeen

Very good explanation, thank you

thank you!
Rose Rejano

vegan is cool!

Wuilliam Duran


A self-taught pastry chef, macaron master and owner of three UK based patisserie stores, known for his colorful and entertaining creations.

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Pritam Biswas
Posted 17 hours ago
very nice

like so much

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Wuilliam Duran
Posted 1 week ago


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meenakshi muppaneni
Posted 2 weeks ago
macaron techniques: are clearly explained

techniques are clearly explained.

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soudabeh asadi
Posted 4 weeks ago

The best

Preview Image
Carlos Abellanosa
Posted 4 weeks ago
Really good

taste is very good but I still have to improve the appearance. (if they are only for you or a few people, I recommend making half or less of the ingredients)

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Krystyna Polasik
Posted 1 month ago
Big wow!!!

a lot of knowledge and a lot of taste. Thank you

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Amr Ahmed SDEEK
Posted 2 months ago
I like the course

Before I don't know about macoron but now I can do and mean thanks for the course 😉

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Adriana Colmenares
Posted 2 months ago

Good explanation, excellent techniques

Preview Image
Posted 2 months ago

Nice instructions!

Preview Image
Carlos Fernandes
Posted 2 months ago

de conecer diferentes tecnicas

Preview Image
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