Croquettes like you’ve never seen before! Tradition and innovation in a fried tapa. Everything you need to know to create gourmet croquettes.

Croquettes full of flavor, technique, creativity and umami

What is a croquette? Starting from the basic definition, Chema Soler gives free rein to his imagination, presenting everything from classic croquettes as you’ve never seen them before, to signature croquettes that play with textures and plating.

Examples include a classic ham croquette that is well known, but with some tricks to make it exceptionally tasty, a liquid croquette, and even some sweet croquettes too!

Upon completion of this online course you will be able to:

– master the techniques necessary to make any basic croquette.

– design savory, sweet, vegetarian and gluten-free croquettes.

– customize your bread coatings

– choose sauces, toppings and other garnishes to elevate the final presentation of your croquettes.

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Course Syllabus

Course Content

Chapter 1 - Course Presentation and Recipe Book
Chapter 2 - Introduction to Croquettes
Chapter 3 - Classic Croquette: Ham
Chapter 4 - Classic Croquette: Cod with potato, pine nuts and parsley
Chapter 5 - Vegetarian: Green Croquette
Chapter 6 - Vegetarian: Mushroom croquette served with caramelized tomato and parmesan
Chapter 7 - Creative Croquette: Liquid Cheese
Chapter 8 - Creative Croquette: Meat and truffled cheese served on a mushroom stew
Chapter 9 - Sweet Croquette: Chocolate Croquette with White Chocolate Curd
Chapter 10 - Sweet Croquette: Cheesecake Croquette with Blueberries
Before you go

A guide to replicate and innovate within the expansive world of croquettes

What you'll learn

You will learn to prepare the croquettes starting with  the usual bechamel sauce, then discovering other tricks to make them much tastier.

Explore different breadcrumb options: the classic English breading, panko that provides extra crunch, flavored breadcrumbs, gluten-free alternatives, double batter, and special options for sweet croquettes.

You will see the importance of temperature management when frying, in order to obtain a lower fat croquette that is easier to digest.

The chef will teach you the secrets behind his successful creation: the liquid croquette. Discover how to achieve it and learn how to serve it to the diner without spoiling it.

Chema Soler also shows us how to work with quantities that make it possible to supply a restaurant or event with “freshly made” croquettes.

Who is it for?

This online course is aimed at all lovers of croquettes, tapas and street food. Those with curious palates looking for something different but always prepared with excellence, or simply anyone who is searching for the best croquette.

What you’ll need

  • Fryer
  • Turmix or hand blender
  • Food processor
  • Gastronorm
  • Hand mixer

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See what our Members are saying

Nice croquettes

Alice Chhun

Makes croquettes simple

Although a croquette may at first glance seem like a simple tapa, in reality and specially when it comes to making it, it is not. It is a tapa that has to be thought of in advance if making it at home for entertaining or just for a fun night with the family. Chef Chema Soler explains the steps simply and gives way for substitutions when required.

Deborah Massanet

I like it



Great guide to Croquettes

I enjoyed the explanations and the tutorial.

Sarah Barnbrook

Great course

Very well presented

vedant newatia

Meet your Instructor

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Best Young Chef within the Valencian Community

Born in Albaida (Valencia, Spain), with an innate talent and a great entrepreneurial spirit, he suddenly discovered his vocation and decided to bet on his passion. After passing through several prestigious restaurants, he acquired enormous personality and style in the kitchen.

About Scoolinary

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Ratings and Reviews

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1624 Ratings
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James Debono
Posted 3 weeks ago
It wasn't that bad.

This course is good for who hasn't cooked anything yet in his/her life. For people that already know their way around the kitchen, this is nothing too extraordinary, there are much better techniques than the ones mentioned in this course.

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Pietro Tozzi
Posted 3 months ago

congratulations, very good and very taste

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veronica paz
Posted 3 months ago
Excelente curso

Espero poder hacer estas deliciosas croquetas, gracias por el curso.

Preview Image
Maryann Shearer
Posted 4 months ago
Love watching it. Now I need to create my first croquette.

I need to try it myself first

Preview Image
Paul Howard
Posted 5 months ago

i like simplicity the cheep made this course excited

Preview Image
Nikolas Tsafos
Posted 6 months ago
Great job

Great job

Preview Image
Maria carolina Benavides
Posted 8 months ago

un curso poco común y muy atractivo para preparar y comer

Preview Image
Posted 9 months ago
I like it


Preview Image
Fernando Pavon Cobo
Posted 9 months ago
Buena explicación

Muy interesante com utiliza diferentes técnicas para realizar croquetas. En concreto me ha parecido genial el uso de gelatina. Con toda la lógica del mundo! Gracias

Preview Image
Luca Materazzi
Posted 9 months ago
The problem with these courses....

The problem with these courses is the subtitles because the writing covers the lower part of the screen: it would be better to put them in another position.

Preview Image
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