Who is Patrick Whuking?

Patrick was not always linked to the gastronomic world, but he always knew that cooking was his thing. He always carries with him his Chinese family tradition and the customs acquired in Peru, the country where he grew up.

He began his training studying business administration at the prestigious University of Lima. Upon graduation, he spent years in the financial area of companies such as Delosi, Duke Energy Corporation, and San Fernando; the latter belonging to the industrial food sector.

In 2015 he decided to follow his true passion and completed a Le Cordon Bleu diploma, which opened doors to kitchens at important restaurants such as Isolina and La Mar. In addition to restaurants, he had the opportunity to work as a sous chef in one of the largest casinos in Peru, the Golden Palace. There he served more than 600 guests daily, which helped him gain a lot of experience.

He is currently head chef and chef instructor at Urban Kitchen, a pioneering participatory cooking class center in Peru. He was also one of those responsible for launching the Urban Chicken sub-brand.

Patrick loves traveling and, of course, gastronomic tourism. He is always excited to discover new flavors, although for him chifa and Peruvian food will always keep his heart happy.

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