Vegan Soul Food

Discover the history and integrity of traditional Soul Food dishes reimagined in vegan form

Explore Southern Foodways and delicious vegan Soul Food

Chef Shenarri Freeman, aka “Shenarri Greens, describes Soul Food as ‘the backbone of American cuisine’. Within this course she will explore many of the staples of Southern cuisine, such as okra, corn, sweet potatoes and rice. 

Many of Chef Shenarri’s signature dishes have roots in the foods she enjoyed at home with her family, all reimagined in plant-based form. 

You will find recipes for plant-based alternatives to Southern classics such as fried chicken and fish, along with salads, vegetable sides, rice dishes and bread.


At the end of the course you will:

  • Understand ingredients and techniques commonly used within Soul Food.
  • Know how to adapt ingredients according to what is in season and native to where you are.
  • Know how to recreate the textures of popular fried dishes using vegan ingredients.
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Course curriculum

Course Content

Chapter 1 - Presentation and recipe book
Chapter 2 - Introduction to Soul Food
Chapter 3 - Potato Salad
Chapter 4 - 'Salmon' Palm Cake
Chapter 5 - Creamed Collard Greens
Chapter 6 - Candied Yams - Sweet Potato Casserole
Chapter 7 - Okra Pilau
Chapter 8 - Fried Mushrooms
Chapter 9 - Smoked Grits
Chapter 10 - Cornbread
Chapter 11 - Hush Puppies
Share what you have learned
Course Farewell

What you'll learn

Learn to recreate typical Soul Food dishes in vegan format with Chef Shenarri Freeman

What is the difference between yams and sweet potatoes? Are yellow and white corn meals interchangeable? You will learn essential information about Soul Food ingredients.

Fried components are essential to Soul Food and Southern cooking. You will learn to recreate the textures of fried chicken and fish dishes, using vegan ingredients, such as mushrooms, legumes, and hearts of palm. Know how to adapt the recipes according to ingredient availability where you are, and your own preference in terms of seasoning, spices, and accompanying sauces.

You will see how Soul Food is typically plated and served family style, but also how it can be presented as restaurant style dishes as well.


Who is it for?

If you would like to prepare vegan Soul Food at home, or in your restaurant, this course is for you.

It’s for all who want to start or follow a vegan diet by cooking authentic, easy and delicious dishes without compromising flavor or tradition, and also for those who want to discover new ingredients like hearts of palm or aquafaba.

If you’ve been wondering how to replace ingredients in your favorite dishes without losing flavor or authenticity, here you will find the answers you need.

It is also suitable for anyone who is interested to know more about Soul Food and Southern Cooking in general.


What you’ll need

  • Grater
  • Pan suitable for deep frying
  • Flexible spatulas
  • Thermomix or food processor
  • Thermometer
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James Beard Award semi-finalist, Forbes '30 Under 30' class of 2023

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