Italian Cooking with Broths

Broth represents the pure essence of flavor, a liquid where ingredients meld to provide an explosion of tastes in every sip.

Andrea Berton

Chef and founder of Berton restaurant in Milan, Italy (1 Michelin Star).

Learn how to elevate the humble broth to a culinary masterpiece worthy of a Michelin Star in Andrea Berton's course.

In this course, you will learn the proper techniques for preparing a variety of broths, each tailored to the specific main ingredient. The course covers a range of broths, starting with clarified veal broth, commonly known as “consommé,” and then progressing to basic broths such as chicken, fish, seafood, and vegetable broths. The course also delves into more gourmet broths like pigeon, sea cicada, and tomato broths.

Throughout the course, you’ll gain essential knowledge about broths, including their correct preparation techniques, which vary based on the main ingredient. You’ll also learn about the filtering process and clarification methods to achieve concentrated, clear, and transparent results. Andrea Berton, an expert chef, will share all the secrets needed to prepare both traditional and modern broths, making these professional cooking techniques accessible for use at home.

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Course curriculum

Course Content

Chapter 1 - Presentation of the course
Chapter 2 - Introduction with Andrea Berton
Chapter 3 - Veal consommé: Veal Tortelli
Chapter 4 - Chicken Stock: Chicken Pie
Chapter 5 - Fish stock: Grilled cuttlefish and caviar
Chapter 6 - Seafood broth: Risotto with shrimp tails
Chapter 7 - Vegetable broth: Vegetable spaghetti
Chapter 8 - Squab broth: breast and egg pasta
Chapter 9 - Sea Cicada broth: Ravioli with garlic and chili pepper
Chapter 10 - Tomato Broth: Tomato Paste Shells
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Before you go

What you'll learn

Our gastronomic journey will encompass eight distinct versions of broths, spanning both the classic and gourmet variations, with a particular focus on clarified preparations:

Andrea Berton’s course takes you through a culinary journey featuring a range of dishes, each highlighting specific techniques and applications of broths:

  • Tortelli of Veal: Starting with a classic cuisine approach, Andrea creates a refined, translucent consommé, recycling the meat to make a tasty filling for tortelli served in the consommé itself.
  • Chicken Pie: Addressing the issue of waste, this lesson utilizes poultry cooked in the broth and vegetable puree derived from the broth cooking process.
  • Broiled Cuttlefish and Caviar: The technique for preparing a flavorful fish stock that complements sautéed cuttlefish and caviar, optimizing the marine flavors, is demonstrated.
  • Risotto with Shrimp Tails: In this recipe, the broth is used in two ways: unclarified for cooking the risotto and clarified to be served at the table with a presentation pitcher, reflecting Chef Berton’s distinctive style.
  • Vegetable Spaghetti and Roasted Tofu: To add complexity to the broth’s flavors, extraordinary ingredients are incorporated alongside the conventional base. Soy sauce enhances the savory “umami” essence of the vegetable broth, which accompanies vegetable spaghetti, basil leaves, and roasted tofu.
  • Roasted Breast and Egg Pasta Sheet: This recipe emphasizes the “napping” technique and perfecting the cooking of pigeon breast. A delicate sheet of egg pasta binds the various elements present in the dish.
  • Ravioli with Garlic, Oil, and Chili: The technique of cleaning and cooking cicadas is explored, with cicada shells used to create the broth base. The bodies of the cicadas form the basis of the dish, complemented by a cicada broth.
  • Tomato Paste Shells: The course concludes by showcasing the technique for preparing a tomato broth using the decanting technique, resulting in a transparent liquid.

This course provides an in-depth exploration of broths and their applications in various culinary creations, led by the expertise of Chef Andrea Berton.

Who is it for?

Andrea Berton’s cooking course caters to a diverse audience, welcoming both professionals seeking to enhance their skills with advanced techniques and culinary enthusiasts eager to grasp the fundamentals of broth preparation. Guided by the esteemed chef Andrea Berton, this course is an opportunity to delve into the creation of clarified and gourmet broths.

For professionals, it’s a chance to expand their culinary repertoire and offer exceptional dining experiences, while cooking enthusiasts can indulge their passion for food and learn from a true expert. This course provides an accessible and engaging environment for all who are eager to explore the art of broth preparation.

What you’ll need

  • Non-stick frying pan
  • Skimmer
  • Meat Grinder
  • Microplane
  • Pastry piping bag
  • Pasta machine
  • Whisk
  • Plastic film
  • Baking paper
  • Cooking brush
  • Narrow-mesh strainer
  • Immersion blender
  • Microwave oven
  • Vegetable spiralizer
collage de fotos de andrea berton cocinando


Antonio Fernandes

He trained as a chef in the kitchens of the best restaurants in the world, from the Enoteca Pinchiorri in Florence to Alain Ducasse's legendary Louis, his restaurant that bears his name, configuring a very particular menu where the broth is the protagonist, thanks also to which he received a Michelin star in 2014.

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