Cooking with Poultry

Master the art of chicken preparation and cooking with 6 everyday recipes. Vivien Durand presents effortless yet gourmet culinary techniques for a perfectly executed dining experience.

Vivien Durand

Head chef at Le Prince Noir (Bordeaux, France) 1 Michelin Star and 1 Green Star

Vivien Durand

Head chef at Le Prince Noir (Bordeaux, France) 1 Michelin Star and 1 Green Star

Ensures meat quality and precision in cuts through in-house processing.

Allow Vivien Durand to lead you through the fundamentals of home poultry cooking, including crafting a cordon bleu, preparing a flavorful broth, crafting delightful sauces, and even tackling chicken wings.

The objective is to empower you with the skills to proficiently cook every facet of this essential ingredient, chicken. From its breasts and wings to crafting a traditional broth, and perhaps even uncovering the coveted “chicken oysters,” renowned as the bird’s premium delicacy!

At the end of this online course you will be able to:

  • Utilize key knives including the chef’s, paring, and boning knives based on your needs.
  • Discern the prime sections to initiate cutting and cooking.
  • Maximize the potential of each component, leveraging them according to their unique attributes.
  • Modify the instructed techniques to accommodate varying bird sizes, adapt to regional preferences, and work with ingredient availability.
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Course Syllabus

Course Content

Chapter 1 - Presentation of the course
Chapter 2 - Introduction to chicken cooking with Vivien Durand
Chapter 3 - Choosing the right poultry
Chapter 4 - Choice of knives
Chapter 5 - Cutting the chicken
Chapter 6 - Tempura thighs and wings
Chapter 7 - Pil-pil sauce
Chapter 8 - Zero-waste Broth
Chapter 9 - Counter Chicken Thighs
Chapter 10 - Cordon bleu with sheep cheese
Chapter 11 - Roasted Chicken Aiguillettes with Yogurt
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Before you go

Learn techniques that can be applied to a wide variety of poultry, including chicken, turkey, hen, quail, guinea fowl, duck, goose, and other bird types.

What you'll learn

Who hasn’t experienced the sensation of salivating at the irresistible image of a plate of fried chicken? Explore the deliciousness of a poultry wing and thigh tempura, a recipe that provides comfort and sophistication, while reducing the amount of fat compared to traditional fried foods, transporting you back to the nostalgic flavors of childhood.

Chef Vivien Durand explains how to unilaterally cook a drumstick, an original cooking technique to use with your favorite fish and meats.

Get ready to savor one of the best broths of your life! Learn the traditional technique for a chicken broth. And, as is tradition, add an egg yolk and a little mustard to enhance its flavor.

If you don’t know how to reuse the poultry carcass, chef Vivien Durand gives you a tip: make a pil-pil sauce, like mayonnaise, thanks to the collagen present in the bones. You will obtain a pil-pil sauce with a good poultry flavor, perfect to accompany grilled meats, barbecues, and fried foods.

We share with you a trick to keep all the tenderness of the poultry “aiguillette”, the thin and elongated strips that are cut from the chicken breast, you will learn how to keep it from drying out during cooking, in this case with Greek yogurt. An express and delicious recipe, which preserves all the softness of the “aiguillettes”.

Cordon bleu, a classic of French cuisine. Get to know this iconic recipe of chicken breasts with English-style breading and the tricks to get it perfectly stuffed and golden brown. As an extra, a meunière butter sauce will be added.

Who is it for?

This essential cooking course is designed for both amateurs and those embarking on a professional culinary journey. It offers comprehensive insights into maximizing the potential of every part of the chicken and various poultry types. Whether you’re a beginner or an aspiring chef, this course equips you with fundamental skills to excel in the kitchen and make the most of each poultry cut.

What you’ll need

  • Kitchen scissors
  • Large knife
  • Small knife
  • Immersion blender or food processor
  • Cooking brush
  • Pot
  • Large high-walled saucepan
  • Absorbent paper towel

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soudabeh asadi

Great job

Great job

Nikolas Tsafos

Meet your Instructor

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Head chef at Le Prince Noir (Bordeaux, France) 1 Michelin Star and 1 Green Star

Vivien Durand is the star chef at Le Prince Noir restaurant in Bordeaux. He also has several other restaurants, and in each establishment he seeks to create a unique experience to share the tradition of local cuisine.

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Kenny Wilson
Posted 5 months ago
Not a class for a true beginner

I have "some" knowledge about cooking, so I figured I'd try this course as the difficulty rating wasn't as high. First, there are a lot of good useful information here. The things I thought were challenging were quartering the chicken and making the pil-pil sauce. I didn't make it but instead made a classic chicken stock. As for the chicken quartering, the chef was going too fast.

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Nikolas Tsafos
Posted 5 months ago
Great job

Great job

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soudabeh asadi
Posted 6 months ago
The best


Preview Image
Olimpia Bate con la cucharita
Posted 6 months ago
power to the poultry

I've learned some usefull tips with this course.

Preview Image
Picantecooking Viktoriya Popin
Posted 7 months ago
Not very much informative.

Too slow, not much essence... Just too basic. Sometimes you just become sleepy watching it...

Preview Image
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