Who is Vivien Durand?

The essence of his high-end culinary approach lies in blending apparent simplicity with refined and expert technique.

Vivien Durand began his career working in the kitchens of several restaurants on the Côte d'Azur, notably at the Ducasse restaurant, Le Louis XV, in Monaco.

After a brief stint in Ireland, Vivien Durand returned to his native Southwest and in 2005 opened his wine bar, La Taverne Basque. Two years later, he became head chef at the Eguiazábal winery. In 2013, he won a Michelin star, an award that is rarely given to wineries.

In 2014, Vivien Durand moved to Bordeaux to take over the kitchens at Prince Noir. Awarded a red and green Michelin star, Vivien Durand offers a star cuisine, but always authentic and friendly.

Today he works with his great team (which he considers his family) to offer the best in cuisine, for all tastes and all occasions!


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