Sous Vide Without Heat

Sous-vide technique like you've never seen before! Discover a new way to use your vacuum machine without applying heat.

Tony Botella

TBTC Owner, specialist in Sous Vide Cooking (Barcelona, Spain)

Use sous vide cooking technique in a different way... without cooking!

Say goodbye to burns. Can you imagine boiling below 100°C? Making sauces that bubble vivaciously at room temperature? Sous vide makes it possible. Discover endless possibilities with the application of this technique.

Learn to use compression to achieve perfect looking preparations. You’ll see how easy it is, as Tony Botella says, “it’s a silly technique with intelligent results”.

Upon completion of this online course you will be able to:

– carry out cold boils

– flavor foods in brines and syrups

– use low pressure to modify textures

– make raw and cooked compressions

– use different tools inside the vacuum machine (such as a boxvac or the presentation plate itself)

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Course curriculum

Course Content

Chapter 1 - Course presentation and recipe books
Chapter 2 - Introduction to Sous Vide without Heat
Chapter 3 - Cold Boiling: Tomato Tartar
Chapter 4 - Cold Boiling: Scallop Tartar
Chapter 5 - Cold Boiling : Salad of Crudites
Chapter 6 - Cold Boiling: Snapper with citrus
Chapter 7 - Compression in a bag: Smoked Salmon Ingot with Fresh Cheese
Chapter 8 - Compression in a bag: Truffle, mushroom and mozzarella sandwich
Chapter 9 - Compression in a bag: Eggplant slices with Raclette cheese
Chapter 10 - Cold Boiling: Fruit Salad with Kaffir Lime Ice Cream
Chapter 11 - Raw pears in wine with yogurt ice cream
Chapter 12 - Compression: "Pà amb vi i sucre" with mascarpone and parmesan ice cream

What you'll learn

Boil below 100°C, and learn to use the vacuum machine without the typical bags

Use cold boiling to flavor raw foods such as fruits, vegetables, and even breads. Prepare a very flavorful tomato tartare, and a scallop tartare accompanied with apple and roe.

You will be impressed with the crudités which offer a mix of 12 flavors perfectly combined in a single dish.

Surprise yourself with a snapper dish inspired by Peruvian sashimi and ceviche, but conceptualized differently. Use the cold boil technique to prepare fish quickly, and give it a touch of fusion with a pine nut and salmorrejo vinaigrette.

Use compressions to make the most of your creativity. Prepare smoked salmon millefeuille style, with a picadillo of cheese, anchovy butter and nori seaweed. Another option is the truffle sandwich made with sliced bread and finished with a blast of heat in the oven. Or you can also go straight to dessert with pears in wine with raclette cheese and ‘miel de caña’ vinaigrette.

Who is it for?

This online course is intended for everyone, especially the most curious in the kitchen. It is for both experienced professionals and those just starting out in the world of cooking. Anyone can cook, and the sous vide technique allows for a professional finish with very simple steps.

What you’ll need

  • Vacuum machine
  • Boxvac (different sizes)
  • Vacuum cooking bags
  • Oven
  • Turmix or hand blender
  • Pastry cutters
  • Teflon frying pan
  • Square mold (without base)
  • Cling film
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Sara Damiani

I learned so much about the vaccum machine. it amazing how we can can cold boil with a machine like that and the recipes were easy and it is well explained

Raimondas Gedutis

Hight level dishes - WOW !!!

Tony Botella has been researching, analyzing and developing the sous vide cooking technique for more than 15 years. And, even more important, knows how to teach this technique clearly and safely.

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Raimondas Gedutis
Posted 1 month ago

Hight level dishes - WOW !!!

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Sara Damiani
Posted 6 months ago

I learned so much about the vaccum machine. it amazing how we can can cold boil with a machine like that and the recipes were easy and it is well explained

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