Mexican Cooking with Dried Chillies

Dried chili peppers are the foundation of the “Sixth Taste,” a technical concept by Lalo Plascencia. Don’t miss out on the best tips for preparing authentic Mexican food wherever you are in the world.

A revolutionary way to understand Mexican cuisine through chili peppers and their culinary components

Mexican dried chiles have tremendous culinary uses in traditional Mexican cuisine, yet they have been lost or forgotten over time.

This online course demonstrates how to use 100% of the dried chile and its components. Mexican dried chiles are considered the “Sixth Taste” for their flavors, aromas, colors, and textures. To maximize their potential, Lalo Plascencia designed the Oteiza System for cleaning and roasting dried chiles.

Starting with 2 basic preparations: corn broth and adobo madre, we will be able to prepare 8 Mexican recipes adapted by Lalo Plascencia.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

– extract and enhance all the parts of a dried chili pepper to be used for various applications.

– understand the flavors and aromas that chili peppers have beyond just their spiciness.

– make your own adobos to give a signature touch to your Mexican dishes.

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Course curriculum

Course Content

Chapter 1 - Course Presentation
Chapter 2 - Mexican dried chillies 'El Sexto Sabor' (The 6th Taste)
Chapter 3 - Corn Caldo Madre
Chapter 4 - Mexican Dried Chillies: Culinary parts
Chapter 5 - Adobo Madre
Chapter 6 - Contemporary Aguachile
Chapter 7 - Shrimp in Escabeche Tampiqueño
Chapter 8 - Fish 'Zarandeado'
Chapter 9 - Guacamole Mixteco
Chapter 10 - Pork 'Al Pastor'
Chapter 11 - Tongue in Huasteco Adobo
Chapter 12 - BBQ Pork Ribs

What you'll learn

Currently only 20% of dried chillies are used. Discover how to take advantage of their full potential.

This course aims to pave the way for the next steps in researching, developing, and innovating new applications for Mexican dried chiles.

This course is a technical guide to cleaning, roasting, and adding dried chiles to various dishes of Mexican origin and of the world. How to use each of the chile’s culinary components (veins, seed, pulp, and soaking water) is a lesson in reducing waste and achieving a 100% culinary application.

We will also learn an innovative method for obtaining natural monosodium glutamate – a flavor-enhancer for Mexican dishes – from corn, the staple food of the Mexican and pre-Hispanic population.

Who is it for?

It is aimed at the general public and all those who love authentic Mexican cuisine, with or without prior knowledge of chilli handling techniques.

What you’ll need

  • Comal
  • Vegetable knife
  • Medium glass jars with tight lids
  • Disposable gloves
  • Oven
  • Filleting knife
  • Aluminum foil
  • Wax paper
  • Grill

*Instruments or materials recommended in some of the recipes (they are not essential for the course).

230_ Mexican Cooking with Dried Chillies_presentacion2
How to efficiently use Dried Chillis
Nic Grigg

The Course was really good and I thoroughly enjoyed it... The Translation was very disjointed with many mistakes.

Great job
Nikolas Tsafos

Great job

Adriana Acevedo


Very simple, easy to follow, and an amazing enthusiastic chef!

Champion of cleaning techniques and the use of Mexican dried chiles as a sixth flavor. Member of the Vatel Club Mexico and L'Academie Culinaire de France. He has given 120 keynote lectures in 10 years of his career.

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Nikolas Tsafos
Posted 6 days ago
Great job

Great job

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Nic Grigg
Posted 1 month ago
How to efficiently use Dried Chillis

The Course was really good and I thoroughly enjoyed it... The Translation was very disjointed with many mistakes.

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Posted 11 months ago

Very simple, easy to follow, and an amazing enthusiastic chef!

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Adriana Acevedo
Posted 1 year ago

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