Japanese Petits Gâteaux

Learn to create delicate French style patisserie with a Japanese perspective.

Yusuke Aoki

Pastry Chef, Four Seasons Hotel, Tokyo Otemachi (Winner Valrhona C3 International 2018)

Yusuke Aoki

Pastry Chef, Four Seasons Hotel, Tokyo Otemachi (Winner Valrhona C3 International 2018)

Delicate eye catching French style patisserie combined with Japanese excellence.

In this course, Yusuke Aoki, winner of the Valrhona C3 International 2018, reveals the recipes and techniques needed to recreate four of his unique patisserie pieces; Crunchy Chocolate Orange Cake, Yuzu Lemon Opalys Tart, Mango Banana Coconut Tart, and a Chocolate Orange Fig Caramel Cake.

At the end of this course you will know:

  • How to prepare various mousses, glazes, cremeux, flourless sponge, sable dough, chocolate spray paint, and more.
  • The technique and order required to assemble complex patisserie designs with inserts and multiple layers.
  • A range of recipes and techniques that you can adapt and apply to your own creations.
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Course Syllabus

Course Content

Chapter 1 - Course presentation and recipe book
Chapter 2 - Basic Preparations
Chapter 3 - Yuzu Lemon Opalys Tart
Chapter 4 - Chocolate Fig Orange Caramel
Chapter 5 - Crunchy Chocolate Orange
Chapter 6 - Mango Banana Coconut Tart
Before you go

Construct multi layered patisserie with technique, precision and confidence

What you'll learn

You will see step by step how Yusuke Aoki prepares the various elements featured within each of his patisserie designs, incorporating ingredients from Bali and Japan.

Yusuke will explain the most essential techniques needed to ensure that each preparation has the correct texture and appearance.

See how Yusuke combines multiple elements to create interiors with flavor, texture and contrast, and learn how to insert them within a complete design. 

You will appreciate the importance of working temperatures and see how to take advantage of the fridge, freezer and blast chiller in order to construct complex patisserie with precision and a clean finish.

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Well Explained

Well Explained

Joanna Lazaro

Very interesring course

Thanks a lot

Zarina Gasanti

very good

very good course

Marialena Lyri

Tutto meraviglioso, spiegato molto chiaro

Una esperienza bellissima, oltre le mie aspettative, grazie

Milika Gjeka

The techniques

The techniques were good.

Tarun Kandpal

The technical parts

Very professional chef and interesting recettes

Didier Pruzniak

Meet your Instructor

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Pastry Chef, Four Seasons Hotel, Tokyo Otemachi (Winner Valrhona C3 International 2018)

Brings an international perspective to the Tokyo pastry scene.

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  • 1h 45 min HD video
  • 4 recipes
  • 29 lessons
  • Recipe book
  • 4 Quizzes
  • Certificate

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Inbar Alony
Posted 3 months ago
Great Course!

I like the different techniques in each dessert. many useful tricks and tips.

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ismail kchouk
Posted 5 months ago
technique and finishing


Preview Image
Marilou Ramos
Posted 5 months ago
elegant presentation

easy to follow recipe.

Preview Image
Nikolas Tsafos
Posted 5 months ago
Great job

Great job

Preview Image
ingrid Joslayne Santos Carreira
Posted 6 months ago

I can say that learning the techniques used in this course will help me to creat my own desserts, everything very well explained, easy, but at the same time creative and inspiring. I’m glad to finish this course. Thank you.

Preview Image
Vi H
Posted 7 months ago
Layers of flavor in each dessert.

Each dessert was a masterpiece with so many components involved.

Preview Image
Dimitris Zavolaris
Posted 8 months ago

I expected to learn the entire recipe, however two key elements are missing from the description : the white chocolate disc and the chocolate decoration on top.

Preview Image
Posted 9 months ago
This set of courses are only for experienced people. Missed part of video and skipped quite some work

For example: Crunchy Chocolate Orange Cake Post crunchy base video twice, missed how to make orange marmalade Besides, few recipes are skipped, mentioned in the videos (pls check the recipe)….

Preview Image
Rotari Nicolae
Posted 9 months ago
professionalism and accuracy

It is a short but extensive course with enough details that are very helpful!

Preview Image
Rina Shakarova
Posted 9 months ago
its not for beginers

we need small amount in the recipies,you giving huge amount,while you doing for 3 portion

Preview Image
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