Fresh Filled Pasta

This course is expertly crafted to help you master the delicate art of filling and cutting fresh pasta with tradition and expertise.

Course of fresh and filled pasta, learn how to execute the traditional technique of pasta elaboration with mastery.

This comprehensive course pays homage to the authentic art of crafting Italian fresh pasta, meticulously guided by Chef Felix Martinez. You’ll delve into the precise techniques for crafting both long pasta and stuffed pasta.

Felix Martinez, a renowned chef from Barcelona and proprietor of La Castafiore, a gourmet establishment with over 30 years of experience in the artisanal production of fresh pasta, will impart all the knowledge you need to create pasta shapes and fillings that will elevate your pasta dishes to the pinnacle of texture and flavor.

Since 1982, Felix has been crafting pasta in his workshop, steeped in the purest and most authentic Italian traditions. His workshop thrives on tradition but is also driven by creativity and innovation. The course is thoughtfully divided into two main sections: one for filled pasta and another for long pasta.

Here, you’ll master the art of crafting delectable spaghetti, pappardelle, fettuccini, and more. You’ll also gain essential insights into creating mouthwatering fillings, such as ‘prawns, leeks, and boletus,’ or ‘duck with figs,’ sure to leave every diner captivated.

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Course Syllabus

Course Content

Chapter 1 - Presentation of the course
Chapter 2 - Theory
Chapter 3 - Dough for long pasta (kneading)
Chapter 4 - Red dough for long pasta
Chapter 5 - Stuffed pasta dough
Chapter 6 - Fillings
Bonus Chapter: Ken Foods, Cream Specialists.
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Before you go

These are the fundamentals of preparing fresh pasta.

What you'll learn

This online course will uncover the significance of technique in preparing dough and its cuts, as well as the creation of fresh pasta fillings, to achieve textures that harmonize perfectly with the sauce and ingredients in the recipe. You’ll also gain all the theoretical knowledge required to develop your unique style, guided by an Italian master. Martinez will delve into details, sharing tips and tricks for pasta preservation, ensuring clean and uniform cuts, and more.

By the course’s end, you’ll have the skills to craft various types of fresh pasta, including spaghetti, papardelle, and fettuccini, as well as stuffed pasta with their respective closures. You’ll also have the foundation to create your original fillings, yielding exquisite results. If you’re a fan of authentic Italian pasta, this course is a must!

Who is it for?

This online course is designed for pasta enthusiasts, perfectionists, culinary professionals, and lovers of Italian cuisine. It caters to individuals who prioritize manual technique and product quality to achieve exceptional results.

What you’ll need

  • Manual pasta machine

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very nice & informative

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Micaela Harrasser

Great job

Great job

Nikolas Tsafos

Meet your Instructor

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Owner and Chef at La Castafiore

A chef deeply enamored with the traditions of Italian cuisine and the secrets of the best pasta.

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What's included?

  • 1h 45min of HD video
  • 6 Recipes
  • Recipe Book
  • Additional Material
  • 5 Quizzes
  • Certificate

Available languages

  • Español, English
  • English, Español, Italiano, Français, Deutsch
  • Intermediate

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Micaela Harrasser
Posted 3 months ago
very nice & informative

Learned a lot

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Nikolas Tsafos
Posted 8 months ago
Great job

Great job

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