Who is Félix Martínez?

In 1982 Felix Martinez bought his first machines to make fresh pasta from an Italian restaurateur who was retiring; that was his first contact with the world of pasta. Shortly after, Felix was encouraged to open La Castafiore, a place he has been running since then and in whose workshop he has been perfecting over the years a self-taught knowledge of Italian gastronomy.

One of his concerns since then has been the need to imagine new ways of making pasta, to find creative fillings and to search for new ingredients. In the last 36 years, from La Castafiore's bakery, he has tried to surprise and take care of a public with a great dedication and with a great effort.

His passion for the world of pasta has led him to visit Italy more times than he can remember. This passion is not only for the pasta itself, but also for the workshops, for the stalls and for the places where to get the best product to make it. He has always tried to transmit to the rest of his team this sensitivity and dedication to gastronomy and everything that surrounds it.

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