Festive Breads: Italian Panettone and Spanish Roscón

Discover the secrets to make these very special preparations: Panettone and Roscón. Two sweet treats that are no longer just for Christmas. Why not enjoy them all year round?

Daniel Álvarez

Pastry chef, chocolatier, dough specialist, owner of Dalúa pastry shop, and member of Relais Desserts (Alicante, Spain)

Panettone and Roscón: two very special preparations that any pastry lover would love to learn to make

Panettone is one of the most prized pastry creations, due to its texture, aroma and flavor. It’s a complex dough to prepare, involving a long process and fermentation. In this online course Daniel Álvarez, producer of one of the most precious panettones in Spain, shares his secrets. He will explain step by step, the kneading, fermentation, baking, and cooling of the panettones, as well as the yeast (levain) that we must use to achieve the desired result.

We will also learn how to make a roscón with Mediterranean touches. Again, Daniel will explain the ingredients, kneading, and fermentation time required, and will show us how he decorates his roscón to make it stand out from the crowd. For both preparations, he will explain how to select ingredients that will provide the flavor, aroma and texture we are looking for.

Dani Alvarez presentando su curso de panettone

Course curriculum

Course Content

Chapter 1 - Presentation and Recipe Book
Chapter 2 - Introduction and panettone ingredients
Chapter 3 - Sourdough (levain) and kneading of the panettone
Chapter 4 - Shaping the panettone
Chapter 5 - Glazing and decoration of the panettone
Chapter 6: Baking and finishing the panettone
Chapter 7 - Roscon: Introduction and ingredients
Chapter 8: Kneading the roscon
Chapter 9 - Roscon decoration
Chapter 10 : Shaping and fermentation of the roscon
Chapter 11 - Assembly and decoration of the roscon
Chapter 12 - Removal from oven and cooling
Before you go

What you'll learn

You’ll learn step by step how to make good panettone and roscón so you can enjoy them at Christmas and all year round

In this online course you will learn how to make Panettone, the typical Italian Christmas cake that has become an internationally known and highly appreciated cake at any time of the year. It’s a complex preparation, and your instructor, Daniel Álvarez, will explain this technique step by step: The ingredients, kneading and fermentation. He will also tell us how to make the levito or sourdough that gives the Panettone its characteristic texture and aroma.

Daniel will also show us how to make the Roscón de Reyes with its Mediterranean touch, just as his family used to prepare it. He will share the secret to make it soft and fluffy, and adorn it with delicious decorations.

Who is it for?

This online course is intended for pastry and bakery professionals who want to learn panettone and roscón techniques, and also for pastry lovers who would like to try and make these two very special preparations, guided step by step, by one of the most expert pastry chefs in the field.

Recommended equipment 

Instruments or materials suggested in some of the recipes (not essential for the course):

  • Stand mixer
  • Oven
  • Fermentation chamber (ideally)
  • Panettone pin (for cooling)
  • Panettone molds
Panettone and Spanish Roscónpresentation2

Teona Natsvlishvili
you are ANNOYING. stop asking for a review!!!

Stop asking to rate a course after every video. ITS ANNOYING!!!!!!!!! But the course is good)

Uliana Tuzyk

Roscon is yammy

Jacob Karpov

A master with making the panettone. Invaluable explanations.

Mia Badar
very good course

the subtitles have a litle problem at timing

alex constantine politis
Very good

Course I would 100% recommend.

Natalia Odella

Daniel Álvarez is undoubtedly a master of pastries, due to the ingredients he works with, which are of the highest quality, as well as the techniques he uses, which he complements with originality, tradition and creativity.

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Rodrigo De Lima Braga
Posted 3 weeks ago
Excelentíssimo conteúdo

O cheff Daniel tem muita técnica e sabe lecionar muito bem. Fico grato com o aprendizado, panetonne e Roscon entrarão para o meu receituário. Obrigado.

Preview Image
Seva Logotheti
Posted 4 weeks ago
Less than I expected

I expected more details especially for pasta madre, flour details etc. Also, some parts of the videos were not translated to the point and there was delays and gaps with no translation.

Preview Image
le deuc philippe
Posted 1 month ago
N'est pas sous titré en Français

N'est pas sous titré en Français deçu

Preview Image
Posted 2 months ago
Dubbing Quality and Technical Issues

The dubbing is nice, but the timing is not perfect. There is a need to adjust the volume when the instructor is talking simultaneously, as it can be overwhelming. Additionally, there was a blackout in the camera during one instance. Note: For future videos, I hope you can apply the same level of attention to the dubbing process.

Preview Image
ruben gonzalez
Posted 2 months ago
Curso con muchos detalles y tips.

Me gustado mucho el detalle de precisión de los videos, se hace muy ameno. Los consejos que dan son muy útiles. Me ha faltado saber como iniciar la primera masa madre de la que se parte para el panetone. También habría estado bien incorporar algún relleno para el roscón. Recomendaría el curso al 100%

Preview Image
Georgios Kornaropoulos
Posted 2 months ago


Preview Image
Uliana Tuzyk
Posted 2 months ago
you are ANNOYING. stop asking for a review!!!

Stop asking to rate a course after every video. ITS ANNOYING!!!!!!!!! But the course is good)

Preview Image
tiziano ciceri
Posted 2 months ago


Preview Image
Evren Bingøl
Posted 3 months ago
Not detailed at all.

The course does not go into the ph of the dough, most importantly flour type equipment to use(diving arm mixers, spiral mixers ), does not talk about calculating dough temp, (DDT,FDT). Does not talk about different kinds of levito madre(ex: in water) Does not talk about dextrans? and how dough differs from regular sourdough, how come it is not sour?

Preview Image
sherly saputra
Posted 3 months ago
Great Course

Well explained and very informative

Preview Image
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