Who is Hans Ovando?

His creativity shines through in his ability to craft natural forms and flavors to perfection, paying meticulous attention to every detail.

At the age of 20, he left Chile for Spain in search of global culinary experiences. Although initially interested in cooking, fate led him to the pastry world. He studied at the prestigious Hoffman School of Hotel Management in Barcelona. Later, he honed his skills through courses in renowned institutions such as Espai Sucre, and √Čcole Nationale Sup√©rieure de P√Ętisserie in France, and Italy.

During his term at El Bulli, a three-Michelin-starred restaurant and the world's best, Chef Albert Adrià imparted a valuable lesson - "The impossible is done in an instant, miracles take a little longer to arrive." This philosophy has guided him throughout his career. His professional journey has encompassed diverse roles, including launching a project in the United Arab Emirates with Sheik Majed Al-Sabah in Kuwait, contributing to esteemed establishments like the Claris 5* Grand Luxury Hotel in Barcelona, and overseeing the opening of the St. Regis Hotel in Doha, where he served as the executive pastry chef in 2013. Notably, he also held the position of executive pastry chef in the United Arab Emirates, working for Sheik Majed Al-sabah in Kuwait.

Since 2015, Hans Ovando has been committed to international education, traveling the world to share his pastry expertise with others.

Within courses, knowledge and skills include:

  • Training in ice cream making.

  • Training in pastry, panettone, and bakery.

  • Training in chocolate sculpture.

  • Training in chocolate confectionery and ganache formulation.

  • Training in contemporary pastry.

  • Training in sugar sculpture.

  • Training in restaurant desserts.

In addition, training in the business area: Master in digital marketing, e-commerce, and project management, in the prestigious business school EAE Business School, Barcelona.

Pastry degrees and trophies:

  • Best Artisan Master Chocolate Maker of Spain M.M.A.A.C.E 2008.

  • Best chocolate cake at the WCM championship 2012.

  • World Chocolate Master Spain 2012.

  • Best gastronomic dessert at WCM Paris 2013.

  • Best praline bonbon at the WCM Paris 2013.

  • Best South American pastry Chef Mayan Cup 2018.

  • Best master artisan pastry chef in Spain M.M.A.A.P.E 2022.

  • Best chocolate cake championship M.M.A.P.E 2022.

  • Best travel cake championship M.M.A.A.P.E 2022.

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