The World of Coffee

Immerse yourself in a world defined by passion, dedication, and boundless creativity—welcome to the captivating realm of the coffee industry, condensed within a single cup.

Coffee will no longer be a simple complement, but will become the real protagonist of our table.

Coffee, the world’s second most consumed beverage after water, often goes underestimated in terms of its proper consumption, the intricacies of its processes, roasting techniques, preservation, and serving methods.

This course is designed to foster an appreciation for every link in the coffee production chain, shedding light on how each step contributes significantly to the final product’s quality.

A well-crafted coffee possesses the remarkable ability to transport you through time, rekindling memories and evoking emotions.

The curriculum offers an introduction to coffee’s origins, tracing its journey from the plant to the people involved in its production. Master Harry Neira then delves into the most prevalent preparation techniques, the latest trends, and the unique attributes and benefits of each approach.

Upon completion, you’ll be well-versed in the service protocol, enabling you to create an immersive sensory experience that truly satisfies you.

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Course curriculum

Course Content

Chapter 1 - Presentation and recipe book
Chapter 2 - Introduction to the world of coffee
Chapter 3 - Coffee Zones
Chapter 4 - Coffee types and flavor notes
Chapter 5 - Traceability
Chapter 6 - Toasting
Chapter 7 - Introduction to Barismo
Chapter 8 - Preparation methods
Chapter 9 - Coffee Service
Attached Materials
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Before you go

What you'll learn

The science of coffee: methodology to build the personality of this beverage

Delve into the world of specialty coffee, exploring its origins, diverse varieties, production regions, and the array of processes that shape its final character. You’ll master the art of coffee bean roasting, adeptly selecting the ideal roast to match your desired flavor profile. Once the beans are perfectly roasted, you’ll discover the secrets of proper preservation.

The core of the course lies in the preparation techniques: understanding extraction, ratios, temperatures, and adhering to best practices, all pivotal in crafting a flawless cup of coffee for a truly sensorial experience.

By course completion, you’ll possess the expertise to brew the finest coffee, be it for your restaurant or personal enjoyment at home. Your journey through the nuances of specialty coffee will culminate in the mastery of creating a superb cup, satisfying both palate and soul.

Who is it for?

This course is designed for individuals intrigued by the art of crafting an excellent cup of coffee and seeking to understand the multifaceted dimensions influencing its quality.

Whether you possess prior knowledge about the coffee industry or are beginning with a blank slate, this course caters to a diverse audience with varying levels of familiarity.

What you’ll need

  • Coffee roaster
  • Coffee grinder
  • Digital scale
  • Tamper
  • Espresso Machine
  • French Press
  • Italian Mocha
  • Chemex
  • Aeropress
  • Hario V60

*Instruments or materials recommended in some of the recipes (not essential for the course).

Very interesting

Good information and knowledge

andres rivas vanga

Nice class

Mok Bunrath
Great job

Great job

Nikolas Tsafos

Since 2018, he has been the owner of Neira Café Lab, an origin coffee shop. Through the community he has created, he seeks to position Peru as a coffee country.

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What's included?

  • 3 h 25 min of HD video
  • 8 recipes
  • 27 lessons
  • Recipe book
  • Additional Material
  • 8 Quizzes
  • Certificate
  • Español
  • English, Español, Italiano (BETA), Français (BETA), PortuguĂȘs (BETA), Deutsch (BETA)
  • Easy

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424 Ratings
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Mok Bunrath
Posted 2 weeks ago

Nice class

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andres rivas vanga
Posted 3 weeks ago
Very interesting

Good information and knowledge

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Posted 2 months ago
Might be great in Spanish, but the English narration is a drone

He (or AI) sounds so bored with the content. Monotone, slow, no emotion at all. Pauses in the middle of a sentence instead of finishing the entire thought, so you have to wait for the point of the sentence while there is a long pause. Speeding it up helps, but then you can't auto-play at higher speeds, so every time the video moves to the next module, you have to speed it up again.

Preview Image
Nikolas Tsafos
Posted 3 months ago
Great job

Great job

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