Who is Harry Neira?

Barista, taster, roaster and founder of Neira Café Lab

The story of Harryson Neira and coffee began in childhood and by family tradition, specifically thanks to the coffee that his grandmother prepared for him. He grew up in a village near Piura (Peru), in an area where coffee was grown.

The countryside was his inspiration to pursue a career in cooking. When he returned he worked for the emblematic restaurant La Rosa Nautica, but realized that it was not his thing and left in search of a less everyday and more creative job.

His search coincided with the opening of Café Verde, a barista school dedicated to training a young audience. Immediately Harry felt a connection with the exciting world of the barista.

As he developed his vocation, he broadened his vision in this industry. He met the best coffee producers with whom he collaborated to make coffee, in this case Peruvian coffee, visible and positioned in the foreign market. As he developed his vocation, he broadened his vision of this industry.

Today, Harry is one of the greatest representatives of Peruvian barismo, he is also the owner of Neira Café Lab, a business based on origin coffee and blends.

In 2021 he started N Coffee Studio, a consulting project for those who wish to enter the coffee business.

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