Rice Paper Flowers

Discover the art of crafting exquisite rice paper flowers, where you’ll master the techniques to achieve a natural finish that beautifully accentuates the unique charm of each blossom.

Embark on your journey to becoming a true designer by mastering the skill of crafting edible paper flowers.

Dive into the captivating realm of creating rice paper (wafer paper) flowers for adorning your cakes or crafting stunning floral arrangements. Leonardo Espinoza generously imparts a straightforward, step-by-step, and progressively structured approach that will solidify your expertise as you advance through the classes. Upon completion, you’ll be equipped to tackle any project involving rice paper flowers with confidence and skill.

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Course Syllabus

Course Content

Chapter 1 - Presentation of the course
Chapter 2 - Introduction
Chapter 3 - Chrysanthemum Flower
Chapter 4 - Flower David Austin
Chapter 5 - Peony Flower
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Before you go

Creating extraordinary cakes doesn't require professional expertise; all it takes is a willingness to try

What you'll learn

You’ll delve into the world of materials and techniques required to craft these genuine masterpieces. Our journey begins with the intricate Chrysanthemum, where you’ll learn the art of fashioning its leaves, petals, stem, sepal and adding exquisite painted details to bring the flower to life.

Next in line is the David Austin Rose, a captivating creation. We’ll commence by shaping its ruffled center and then progress to crafting the delicate outer petals. This stage involves mastering color gradients and employing various textures on the paper to achieve a stunning effect.

Our creative voyage culminates with the Peony. Here, you’ll skillfully shape the petals, infusing them with texture and applying intricate paint details. Furthermore, you’ll discover how to craft your own pistils and centers, and I’ll guide you through the assembly process to create a truly remarkable masterpiece.

Who is it for?

Mastering the techniques is possible. It is not necessary to have previous knowledge, you will learn from scratch the techniques for the elaboration of flowers in rice paper and Leonardo Espinoza will guide you from the beginning so that you can make them without difficulties.

What you’ll need:

  • Sheets of 4mm rice paper
  • White florist’s wire
  • Atomizer or fine sprayer
  • Medium round brush
  • Medium flat brush
  • Medium angled brush
  • Fine round brush
  • Mop brush
  • Paper napkins
  • Latex gloves
  • Telgopor sphere
  • Makeup sponge
  • Dresden sponge
  • Starch Powderpuff
  • Starch Lipstick
  • Liposoluble coloring powder
  • Fluorescent powder
  • Florist’s tape
  • White tape
  • Ribbing extenders
  • Flower dryer
  • Edible glue (for paper)

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Отличный курс!


Oksana Chernahovsky


muy delicado y bello

Millerleidy Arango

A guide in details

This course is very well explained with all the related details from its expert.

Eser Ispartalı

Meet your Instructor

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Creative Cakes Instructor

Leonardo transitioned from studying architecture to becoming a culinary professional, ultimately discovering his passion for cake decorating. He began as a self-taught enthusiast and, remarkably, has now become a leading figure with over 7000 students.

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Oksana Chernahovsky
Posted 1 month ago
Отличный курс!


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Millerleidy Arango
Posted 7 months ago

muy delicado y bello

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Eser Ispartalı
Posted 8 months ago
A guide in details

This course is very well explained with all the related details from its expert.

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