Who is Leonardo Espinoza?

"It’s important that we carefully attend to the details to achieve the best results."

The world of creative pastry has become a way of life for this individual, marked by an enduring commitment to learning, both from colleagues and students.

A deep-rooted love for design has been a constant presence since childhood. From early on, the greatest joy was found in creating new things and tackling the challenge of bringing these creations to life. The journey into the realm of design began during school years, and when it was time to choose a university path, there was never any doubt—architecture was the chosen field. Yet, midway through their architectural studies, the allure of gastronomy emerged as a compelling interest, eventually leading to a complete shift in career direction.

In 2008, the pursuit of a career as a Gastronomic Professional commenced at the Argentine Institute of Gastronomy (IAG). Upon completing this comprehensive training, opportunities in the restaurant industry materialized. Despite the broad spectrum of culinary training, there was a distinct inclination toward the realm of sweets and pastries.

The world of cake decoration, as seen on television, introduced an enticing new dimension. It became evident that this discipline seamlessly fused the passion for design with a love for gastronomy.

With newfound enthusiasm, they embarked on a journey of research, training, and the development of innovative cake decorating techniques. While some experiments yielded favorable outcomes, others presented challenges. Throughout this culinary adventure, countless recipes were generously shared with friends and family, relying on their discerning palates for approval and feedback.

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