Who is Leonardo Espinoza?

"It's important to be meticulous with the details to achieve the best results."

Immersed in the world of creative pastry, he has embraced it as a way of life, driven by a persistent dedication to learning from both colleagues and students. His profound love for design has been a lifelong companion, rooted in childhood. Early on, he discovered a joy in creating and overcoming challenges to bring his ideas to life.

In 2008, Leonardo began his culinary training at the IAG (Argentine Institute of Gastronomy) in the Professional Gastronomy program. After completing his training, he found employment in restaurants. Despite his comprehensive culinary education, Leonardo's true passion always leaned towards pastry and desserts.

Thanks to television channels, he began to see the new trend in cake decorating. He realized that this discipline unifies his passion for design and gastronomy.

This venture included experiments with varied outcomes, presenting both successes and challenges. Throughout this culinary adventure, he generously shared numerous recipes with friends and family, relying on their discerning palates for valuable feedback and approval.

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